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Mentorship with the Gaiscioch Family

As members of the Gaiscioch family we seek to encourage other members of our community. This in part comes in the form of guidance and mentorship. Becoming a mentor awards no family honor points, however it does allow you mentorship points, Tokens of Appreciation, and Mentor ranks.

We wanted to ensure Mentors volunteer for this role because they want to, not because there are incentives or some other form of ulterior motive. We want players who know our family inside and out and choose to do this out of the kindness of their heart. Hence why Mentor Points are symbolized as a heart.

This is not a role of telling people what to do. It is a role of inspiring people to do what needs to be done. Our goal is to create a team of players who look after the people just getting started because they enjoy it. This in turn will help connect players with our family and reduce the chances that they will get overwhelmed and leave.


  • Ease the overwhelming nature of our community
  • Reduce Member Falloff
  • Enable players to identify those who Mentor to ask questions and get help
  • Enable players to have an organized approach to helping new players
  • Build a tighter knit family

Why Mentor?

The only answer to this question is, because you want to help our family grow and teach people the Gaiscioch Way. Mentors are designed to not have rewards associated with them, as we did not want players doing it because they want something. We want people to do it because they feel it's what they need and want to do.

What does it Entail?

Upon reaching the rank of Seaimpin (7) players can choose to become a mentor. Mentors will begin by choosing up to 10 apprentices. These apprentices will be their responsibility. They will be responsible for teaching them how to use the website, our voice software, and the general etiquette of our family. They must maintain constant communication with the member and see to it that they understand the ins and outs of the family.

How does it work?

Each member under the rank of Curadh (5) can only accept 1 mentor. To select an apprentice go to the Mentorship page and view the Available Apprentices. You will be presented with a list of new members and active members under rank 5. In addition it will show you which games they are play. If you would like to mentor a player click the "Mentor" button on the right side. They will then receive an invite to be mentored by you. Once they accept the mentorship you will see them under the My Apprentices box on your Command Center.

Your goal is to see that each of these members progresses to the rank of 5. For each promotion your students receive you will be awarded 5 Mentorship Points. For each Token of Appreciation you earn you'll receive 10 Mentorship Points. From the moment a new player joins, a mentor can earn up to 30 Mentorship Points by teaching them how to use our systems.

Once a player reaches rank 5 they will no longer appear on your Command Center. Instead they will be seen on your Graduates page and you will be able to invite a new apprentice to fill their seat.

For each Mentorship Rank you achieve you will be able to mentor 1 additional player. At rank 20 you will be able to mentor up to 25 players at a time.

Using the mentor console

The mentor console helps you stay on top of each of your apprentices progress. You can see how their doing on their progression to their next rank, identify problems, and also contact them quickly.

Earning Tokens of Appreciation

Tokens of Appreciation can be given to you by your apprentice. These can only be given once per student and are a sign of respect and admiration from your apprentice. These can be given anytime your apprentice feels you went above and beyond in helping the. By doing so the mentor will receive 10 Mentor Points.

Mentorship Rank

Rank Badge Mentor Rank Mentor Points
1 New Guide 25
2 Novice Guide 50
3 Apprentice Guide 100
4 Guide 200
5 Veteran Guide 400
6 Expert Guide 700
7 Adept Guide 1,225
8 Master Guide 2,144
9 Grandmaster Guide 3,752
10 Legendary Guide 5,627
11 New Mentor 8,441
12 Novice Mentor 12,662
13 Apprentice Mentor 18,992
14 Mentor 28,488
15 Veteran Mentor 35,611
16 Expert Mentor 44,513
17 Adept Mentor 55,641
18 Master Mentor 69,552
19 Grandmaster Mentor 86,940
20 Legendary Grandmaster Mentor 108,675