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Eldership in the Gaiscioch Family

The Eldership is responsible for overseeing the day to day life of the Gaiscioch Family. Their role in the family is to build a house in which the family can flourish in. They will work hand-in-hand with leaders to assess the family's needs and make necessary adjustments to see to the overall success of the family. Elders put others in front of themselves and often spend more time doing maintenance, organizing, and planning than they do playing. To become an elder one must display a natural affinity towards helping others, possess a calm demeanor, be slow to anger, slow to speak, and able to plan out responses with a calm and logical thought process. They must be able to respond to hateful, disrespectful, and oftentimes downright rude people with absolute calmness and unyielding integrity. The elder must put the family above their own feelings and see to it that they live the family's credo.

Due to the frequent out of game planning, discussions and maintenance this position will rarely be filled with leaders. The focus of the eldership is not on leading but on supporting. Psychologically these members must be able to handle the stress involved with dealing with large numbers of irrational players and possess the ability to diffuse conflicts before they blow out of proportion. They will be in charge of dismissing members from the family who can not abide by the house rules after elder review, preserving the family beliefs and morals, and governing the room of the house they are assigned to.

They will additionally be the point of contact for newer members to get involved in a room of the house. There is no time requirement, family honor point requirement, or set in stone criteria to become an elder. Potential elders are watched long term, notes are made, actions logged, and when we feel the person is ready we bring it to a vote among the active elder council. A 100% unanimous vote among the existing active Draoi is required for a member to gain this position and they will be chosen by their area of expertise. These members will be chosen for their devotion towards our beliefs and be the perfect example of what a Gaiscioch should be.

The Elder Council reports directly to the Taoiseach and takes a major part in the planning of the future of the Gaiscioch family. They will all be public-facing and able to handle community relations with media agencies, server communities, gaming studios, and other companies. They will provide vision and direction to the family and oversee its development over time. This role is not focused on one game in particular but the overall success of the Gaiscioch brand and experience.

Becoming an Elder

For every 50 active players in a chapter, an Elder is carefully chosen from the general membership of the family. We look for a very specific personality type and carefully examine if a member’s behavior and habits are in line with our community goals. Upon recognizing that a member has elder potential we first bring their name onto our to be examined list and then we watch them for several months to ensure they are right for the job. Then a vote is held and a 100% unanimous vote must be obtained to elect the member as an elder of the family. There are no honor point requirements, time requirements, or guidelines of any kind. We purely look at how they react when stressed, their general behavior, psychological profile, ability to interact and nurture, integrity, honor, respect, fellowship and more than anything their selflessness.

The Eldership Credo

I understand by accepting this credo that I am a protector of the Gaiscioch way of life. My actions directly ripple through the family. I swear to approach every obstacle with a calm mind and a clear head and view it from all angles before making a decision. I understand the amount of work that is involved with this position and will do my best to provide my fair share of support to the elder council and family. I will act out of selflessness and compassion, I will put others before myself, and I will go out of my way to help those in the communities the Gaiscioch exists within. I will represent the family in the highest of honors. I will not act out of rage or anger. I will not use my authority to gain power and control. I understand that as an elder those below me should be tended to first, that our strength comes from those we help.

The Elder Council

The Fili (Bard)

New Elders are brought into the Eldership team as a Fili for their first year. Once they have completed a year of service, we examine the eldership needs of each chapter and grow or shrink the eldership team accordingly. If a Fili is chosen to continue their tenure, they will be promoted to Draoi.

The Draoi (Druid)

The Draoi have served for more than one year on the Eldership team and have solidified their position at the eldership table. If player populations shift and an elder is no longer needed in a particular chapter, a Draoi can be placed on our advisory board where they no longer take an active role in the day to day operations but can still attend elder meetings, discuss future chapters, and be reestablished as an active elder when the population demands.

The Taoiseach (Chieftain)

This role makes decisions for the family under advisement of the elder council and leadership of the family. Networks with game developers, media agencies, and server communities. Protects family brand and organizes events. This is not an obtainable rank. A successor will be groomed for the role when the existing Taoiseach decides to retire or step down.

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as a behind the scenes sounding board where Elders and the community leader can bounce ideas off of. All Advisory Board members have served as a Draio for more than one year and can resume their role as Draio at any time in the future as needs demand. While the demands for front-line elders change dynamically we pull from Advisory Board first when new Elders are needed for a chapter.

Advisory Board members can attend all Elder Meetings, have the same permissions as a front-line elder, but are not expected to help manage the community in an active chapter. This a position for elders who have had to step away from eldership due to change in interest, change in schedule, real-life events, or when game populations no longer require them.

Our advisors serve as a valuable resource in investigating new chapters and provide insight from a seasoned Elder's perspective.