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Gaiscioch Family Honor Points

The Gaiscioch Family Honor Points (FHP) system allows members to track their success within the family. There are several areas in which you can earn Family Honor Points which include: Valor, Fellowship Discovery, Lore, Artisan, and Social. Below is a quick explanation of how these work.

Family Honor Point

Primary Tier
Secondary Tier
+ + +

Primary Tier

These point values are required for advancement to certain ranks. While new members can use any of the 6 point values to increase through the member ranks, further advancement requires participation in our primary chapters.

Valor Points (For Leadership)

Valor Points can be earned by leading family members in groups and raid groups. Valor marks ones leadership. To claim leadership you must be the person leading the group, if you participate in someone else's event you can not claim leadership. Only the person leading the raid can mark leadership. In addition, for an objective to be eligible to claim for leadership credit you must have 4 or more Family members with you. Below you will see a breakdown of leadership point values for each target. Leadership Points are required to advance from Guardian to War Council.

Fellowship Points (For Participation)

By participating in guild events and raid groups you can rack up Fellowship Points. These points show how involved with the family you are. You will be able to mark off which keeps your raid groups took, what dungeons you raided, note the objectives you completed, and what scheduled guild events you made an appearance too. Fellowship Points are required to advance from Veteran to Guardian

Secondary Tier

These auxiliary points can be used to advance up to the Veteran ranks. Additionally they will help earn more Family Vault Credits useable in the Gaiscioch Marketplace for crafting goods.

Discovery Points (For Exploration & Discovery)

Discovery Points can be earned by inputting the locations of discovered secrets. These can range from simple historical lore nodes to unlockable titles and artifacts. Each type of unlock receives a different point value based on the necessity level of the find.

In addition you can earn Discovery Points for adding undiscovered crafting recipes to the marketplace system. The points earned for these discoveries scale based on the cost of the items used to create the item. In games such as Guild Wars 2 this is the primary method of earning discovery points as there is not a coordinate system in the game.

Lore Points (For Written Text)

Lore Points are earned by posting content to the Gaiscioch website. Lore can range from recaps of the nights events, to submitting guides and how-to's for various raids, lairs, siege tactics, or simply how to play a certain character.

Artisan Points (For Crafted Goods)

Crafters within the family can earn Artisan Points for filling work orders placed by other members of the family. Depending on the difficulty of the item, the materials required, and the length of time the item has been requested determine the value of Artisan Points and Contribution.

Social Points (For Grouping in Non-Chapter Games)

Social Points can be earned by playing other games with 3 or more Gaiscioch members. These are referred to as Social Adventures and can range from console games to pc games. Anything that isn't a chapter can be claimed.