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Curadh de na Faolchu Donn


Curadh de na Faolchu Donn

Intp's Blog

August 06th, 2020

The future in retrospect.

As a returning player after a 4 year hiatus, I'm extremely happy with the welcome that I've received from the Gaiscioch family in Rift.

I've tinkered with a few other games before deciding to come back to Rift specifically and with the exploration of the two expansions there has been a lot of cool content to play through but it's been the player base that has got me interested in staying!

If you are a returning player, please pm in game for any help or even if you want a 'grinding' buddy!

Good to be back!


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  • Battle Recap:
    A round NMT Dungeons
    Lots of achieves and learning mechaics!
  • Battle Recap:
    Tank Training and team develoment
  • Battle Recap:
    Recap: Rift Adventures Chapter 14: Bounty Hunting 9.11.2017 6pm Server
    Rift Adventures Chapter 14: Bounty Hunting 9.11.2017 6pm Server Situation: Fog led the intrepid Rift chapter on a jaunt through the country side for a the simple purpose of Seek and Destroy. Pro Tip: You must mentor down to the level of the mob to get a drop...
  • Battle Recap:
    2 for 1 TD
    This was a a great 2 for 1 TD event. INTP tanking duty We formed up with El in command at our scheduled time and pulled in 1 pug and one friend. We got through but had a wipe on council. Short of that it went well. We dropped about half the raid upon completion but had enough who wanted to go again, so we pugged up the rest and made a single clean swipe of the whole instance, no wipes at all and did it in fast time...
  • Battle Recap:
    2017 Sep 3rd: West Coast Celebration - Seattle, WA - Recap
    017 Sep 3rd: West Coast Celebration - Seattle, WA - Recap Evernote Version: 2017 West Coat Celebration Recap Checkout the Sept 2017 Newsletter! Check out the new newsletter! Picture Version of this Recap:
  • Battle Recap:
    Malan-non: TD recap sung to the tune of Billy Joel's "Piano Man"
    It's nine thirty on a Sunday The regular raid shuffles in There's a dragon name Malannon right in front of me Cast'in yellow and purple circles again He says, "Player, can you get to the circle Before I make your bowels explode?" But it's sad and it's sweet and I was in it complete When I died right there on the floor...
  • Battle Recap:
    TD Run
    I did not really think I was ready to tank TD tonight...but did it! Woot! -The Dragon, Spider and Council went very smooth. Last boss, realized a bit late that when I engaged the boss not only did I have the big red circular AOE...there was another AOE that spawned under me...
  • Battle Recap:
    Moar tank training!
    Thanks Sylese, LD, Tessa and Muppet! Good run, found a better pace. Darkening Deeps: Draw the mobs together in the big area running down the ramp and kill easily. I need to jump down from the bridge to grab the mobs under the bridge they keep cleaving everyone in the face down there...
  • Battle Recap:
    Monday 7.10-2017 RIFT Adventures: Zone Invasions
    Monday 7.10-2017 RIFT Adventures: Zone Invasions Monday saw Fog lead the Rift family on a wild gallivant across Telara on our traditional Monday Rift Adventures. We track events using or similar and run, port, summon, rally and fall our way from zone to zone closing rifts, killing invasions and other objectives until the Zone Event boss spawns and mow them down...
  • Battle Recap:
    Mage Tank Training
    Big appreciation to Syl, Muppet, Mal, Zoe and moral/tactical support from LD :) for their epic patience and helping me learn Tanking through the Temple of Ankhet experts. -We ran Temple, Fortress, Darkening Deeps. -I had major crashes on the Temple Pillar boss...
  • Battle Recap:
    Varder's Crifting and Coffee = Crofting runs!
    Q: What could be better than Coffee, Crafting and Rift? A: A Crifting Fellowship with the Gaischioch family in Ashenfell for fun and loot! The Stats: Crifts Run: 25 Motes with no IRC's: 5 Motes with IRC's: 64 Celestial Matrix with no IRC's: 0 Celestial Matrix with IRC's: 4 Marking Tip: As part of the raid management we mark ourselves if we have a lure to let the leadership know we have one...
  • Battle Recap:
    El's TD Grinds: Getting the gear!
    LD was our apprentice "Tank In Training" for this run and did a great job and is sharpening his skills on the 3rd Encounter! We are getting very close to completing this with this group! Sustains: -Steadily increasing single target DPS on the dragon when it is on the ground...
  • Battle Recap:
    Shady lead us into a Nightmare...Rift that is!
    Shady lead us into a Nightmare...Rift that is! We got up to at least level 157! This put us half-way through the Guild quest to kill 1200+ Nighmare rift. We found a randomly spawned Nightmare rift and milked it for all it was worth! This gave tons of planarite which are needed for the Tennebrean Amenders, which are needed for Celestial Crafting and upgrades! Great job Shady! -INTP
  • Battle Recap:
    Full Guild run of TD on the spur of the moment! Exciting times!
    DC and LD tanked us through TD. DC provided guidance and tips for LD as he progressed through the encounters and he did great. We had some issue on the 3rd encounter that resulted in some instakills. LD and DC are working on figuring out what's going on with that...
  • Battle Recap:
    LD Dungeon Tank Runs
    LD tanked for us, I struggled with heals and cleanses with coaching from Syl. We were able to farm Fortress twice which many needed for their upgrade. We burned down Scarn. Muppets new spec was cranking his DPS! Jarren was cranking out consistent dps as usual...
  • Battle Recap:
    Thursday Night TD Runs with DC: Slow but Steady - Keep On Progressing.
    Slow but Steady: Wow, what a difference some practice can make. For the most part, other than some off tank coaching on the 2nd encounter, DC was largely able to just tank while the raid followed through on the mechanics and dps with little need for an explanation of the fights...
  • Battle Recap:
    Have Event Bosses: Will Travel
    Fog and Varder led two nearly full raids across Telara for Open World events and bosses! Before the fight we assembled and discussed some mechanics and the website (market section). -Someone suggested that we organize a pachyderm parade to cruise our Elephant mounts...
  • Battle Recap:
    New Tanking Experience
    Great grinder runs for the upgrade quests.
  • Battle Recap:
    Tantric Depths Short Hand Recap with DC
    Tantric Depths Dragon avoid front and back Newbies stack on healer cause need cleanse and where to stand Tank will pull boss, dps a bit, he takes off, kill adds, he comes down, dps, fly, adds, dps, dps and kill Spider boss one hander glove maybe engine, when spawn will be mummies, dps mummies fast, two person on boss, off tank needs rebuke or similar aoe pull, two closest persons take damage, off tank stay on tank, 3 spires, one with cobwebs adds will spawn there, one pull then the other pulls, hit rebuke and they will glitch under the rock and boss won't kill everybody, one person fire through another such so they can focus target down mummies, don't worry about cleansing dps, cleanse tanks...
  • Battle Recap:
    Community Event: An Onslaught of Onslaughts!
    Fog and the family gathered for our weekly Community Event. This week's adventure was Onslaughts! Onslaughts are an open world event that you can trigger by charging up cannons and life wells. This draws planar invasions for you to dps down for xp, pa and loots...
  • Battle Recap:
    Syl Zone Event Boss Runs
    Syl helped a number of the family get some Colossi kills done for the eterneal weapon quest. The zone events are also nice for dropping Tower Fragments. -Getting to the zone, locating the bulk of the group can be helpful in getting to the bosses in time...
  • Battle Recap:
    Sharpening the Ax: Q&A with DC - Gear, Stats, Rotations, Planars Fragments...
    It is easy to get into a rut on a game your are comfortable with. You go to the places you always go, you do the things you always like to do...and there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you aren't progressing because you are not confident in your build, your dps, your rotation, your gear, instance/dungeon/raid mechanics or generally don't want to make a fool of yourself...
  • Battle Recap:
    After Action Review: Sunday Morning Crifting with Varder and the gang.
    After Action Review: Sunday Morning Crifting with Varder and the gang. Big Thanks to coleader Zoewii for keeping us on track and getting the event updated! Woot! 26 Crafting Rifts Closed! -Starting at 7am server time sharp, the family formed up to open...
  • Battle Recap:
    Old School Dungeon Crawl
    DC had us rolling like a freight train, picking up Guildies who needed to gear up or even their first trip into an Prophecy of Anhket Experts AKA SPE's. Today was tank training day. We systematically went through each fight with two tanks to learn the mechanics...
  • Battle Recap:
    After Action Review: TD Progression Group
    The family, lead by the patient and intrepid Eluveittie tackled a coffee fueled Tantric Depths (TD) run. This was a great experience for me personally as I had not even been in the instance and was intimidated to try because of the LFR post in Cross Chat like "TD No Losers 500K+ dps or kill yourself"...
  • Battle Recap:
    Guild vs Pug Runs: A Knight and Dai difference!
    Guild Runs vs Pug Runs: The advantages of running instances such as Prophecy of Ahnket with Guild members vs Pugs can completely change your perspective of the activity. There are many nuances such as routes, order, roles, interrupts, where to stand, where to move, when to blow cool downs and even simple things like "who's going to rez" get worked out by the team through practice...
  • Battle Recap:
    Prophecy of Ankhket Expert Runs Guild Style
    DC aka Fiveofseven/Diablotcanine lead an intrepid marathon of Expert with guildies. A few of the finer points when you do DC blitz runs: 1. In Darkening Deeps - Run to the Bottom - Kill the Sniper mobs on the ledges - Kill the mobs that mass under the bridge - Burn bosses - Run all the way to the back wall of the Werewolf encounter, avoid drawing aggro - Run through the spiders all the way to the boss spider at the end, die in place SW and Rez - Stack on boss spider's behind - Drag all the slugs through their area all the way into the triple boss area, kill in tank order - Burn Scarn 2...
  • Battle Recap:
    A-Crifting we will go...
    Varder lead the Gaiscoch family through Ashenfell for a fun and loot filled 2 hours of Crifting! We closed a whopping 30 rifts of all types! There was great communication and support through using the Heart icon to mark the next Lure bearer after the 3rd stage of each lift...
  • Battle Recap:
    Friday Mid level Adventures: Don't forget to say HI to Lady Nessie!
    The Dendrome offers several activities that the Gaiscioch family tackled this Friday. We had a full 40 person raid for this outing and with Fog laying down waypoints it was a great time and thing flowed right along! As always great help from the group for summons and great cooperation! Stronghold Raid: These encounters pit the raid against an escalating group of baddies that attack from multiple levels...
  • Battle Recap:
    Planar Anchors: A group XP boon and a fun time in one!
    Following the Monday evening tradition, friends and family of Gaischioch took to Xarth Mire for a guided tour of the Planar Anchor mini-quest hubs. This group event allows the team to gather significant XP and Planar Attunement as well as respectable take of crafting mats and Planar loot...