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Twilah's Blog

May 16th, 2021

A Midsummer Night's Scream

*Mild Legion Spoilers - don't read if you don't want to see*

A Midsummer Night’s Scream
By Nichole “Twilah” Quillen

Twilah couldn’t sleep. The Engineers’ Explosive Extravaganza had concluded a couple hours ago, and when she closed her eyes she could still see the buildings of Stormwind lit up by the rainbow of colors each firework had created. Even now the air was still so thick with gunpowder she could taste it in her mouth. Midsummer had always been one of her favorite holidays, but tonight the flashes of light and explosive bursts had taken her mind back to a darker place.

She sat up and reached for her water glass to clear the taste in her mouth, trying to let go of the images of Karabor Harbor. The battle had been fierce and left her face forever marked with a long scar down the right side. A priestess had offered to heal it, but Twilah kept the reminder. For years Twilah had looked down at the Draenei with contempt, like an unwanted guest in her home that would not leave...

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May 16th, 2021

Defiance, first impressions

First time I have played a shooter since the days of Doom, Quake and Resident Evil. After getting past the first day of "what button does what" I started to become immersed in the world...and it's definitely worth the investment.

So the game is available on PC and major consoles, played as an MMO and will also have a Scy Fy series that runs current with the game. It premiers next Monday night, 7 central time. You can watch the first 15 minutes of the pilot online to basically meet the main characters and see a glimpse of the world...what a world.

It's earth, about 40 years into the future. Aliens arrived looking to settle here because they thought the planet was empty *surprise* then attempted a fragile peace. Most of their people's were still in space, deep in hibernation, when someone destroyed the ships and then all heck broke loose. There's all kinda alien technology floating in space now and falling from the sky, literally. The aliens were also packing some terra forming technology, so wherever that crashes there's been some unique and extreme landscape changes...

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May 16th, 2021

Chronicles Part 1

Twilah’s forehead slammed into the writing desk with a loud bang, causing her fellow scribes to jump in alarm. Wide awake now, she looked around the library and blushed furiously. She had fallen asleep again.
“I bet Eir never had to do this” she mumbled under her breath for the hundredth time. Taking a deep breath, she picked up her quill and again started to pen the story they had been told the night before. This was her final exam and she just wanted it over.
Before joining Durmond Priory she had not been able to write at all. A quick mind and faster arrow were all she had ever needed in Hoelbrook. Plus, her nimble fingers served her well as a jeweler. Everything her father taught her had been hands-on, and only occasionally would a customer show her something they wanted re-created. Most of her work was original. Who needed writing for stories? They were best told around a large fire with lots of ale!
The priory, however, had shown her the importance of books and scrolls...

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  • Battle Recap:
    Vault of the Wardens
    It was dark, but Carwyn had a bubble of light she carried and we all hid behind her. The names of the groundhogs have been changed to protect the innocent. Wait, did you hear a skittering sound?
  • Battle Recap:
    Overwatch SoEA
    The team play of this game is really amazing. Not only is map knowledge crucial, but there are opportunities to switch characters within a match! So being fluid with multiple roles is a big bonus. The controls are minimal, giving you the opportunity to focus on the environment and position of other players...
  • Battle Recap:
    WoW Social Adventure first weekly meeting
    Our first meeting was a meet and greet in Stormwind on Mother's Day. We talked about our path for the next two months as we wait for the Legion patch to drop - building a [GSCH] foundation. We would like to have at least a couple more mentors step up as that program rolls out, so as we add new members to the Family we can show them that this isn't just another WoW guild, but a chance for them to join the Gaiscioch Family...
  • Battle Recap:
    Eternal Romp!
    We had a really good time, at first coordinating with other commanders and then breaking out to practice our own strategy of keeping Jade Quarry off the keep doors by constantly moving and turning supply camps. I'm sure we were a bee in their zerg bonnet...
  • Battle Recap:
    101 Class - Combos
    The class began with a lecture on how to start and finish combos in Guild Wars 2, and the details of each start and finisher. We then used our newfound skills in a group setting to complete a skill challenge and take down a champion ( and several innocent deer)...
  • Battle Recap:
    Keg Fest Team Play
    Five of the family's best Keg Brawlers gathered to dominate the playing field, drink the leftovers and ride the snow slide in victory.
  • Battle Recap:
    Tier 2 siege night (we ended up in Tier 4 this eve!)
    The walls of Covenant of Flame glittered with the last dazzling rays of sunlight, blinding Twilah momentarily. She stood, leaning her back against the inside of the outer keep wall as she quickly carved another rune. Wiping the sweat from her brow she tried hard not to think of her age and how the heat of the day had begun to affect her...
  • Legend:
    Twilah Golden Pt 2
    "Twilah, bring me my sword" Jaiyd's crystal voice came through the wall of Twilah's room where she sat reading. Hopping up quickly as she ran to the corner of the room and carefully lifted her sister's greatsword. It took both hands and all the feeble muscle she had to lift it...
  • Legend:
    Twilah Golden Pt 1
    The road had become a river of mud hours ago. Twilah's feet were numb from the rushing, cold water. It was probably for the best. Her dulled mind knew she had been on the road for more than a day. First running, then slowing to a fast walk later as the rain had begun to shower her blood soaked body and the adrenaline faded...
  • Legend:
    From the Darkness Part 1
    Siwan - (SHOO-ahn) "bright as the sun"; from sul "sun" + gwen "shining, holy"; Welsh form of Joan. She had been found in the locked cellar of a small mansion south of Felde, unconscious and badly bruised. There was no indication that she had lived there, and the place had been deserted since the release of the plague...
  • Legend:
    The story of Twilah Goldbrew
    Twilah woke on the beach, the sun blazing in her eyes and her head pounding. She had been on one of the Ironclad ships that attempted to break through the Greenskins blockade. Their mission had been to bring supplies to aid in the defense of Barak Var, but the ship had been damaged so badly breaking through the blockade...
  • Battle Recap:
    Gaiscioch settles Grudges in the sewers 2/28/2009
    Well, it's a video and I posted it in the regular forums before I saw this section. I hope you enjoy!! I apologize for the double post and I will keep them here from now on :)