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Final Fantasy XIV

Adventure Overview

Founded Manager Type
Dec. 17th, 2015 Soren Fantasy MMORPG
Adventure Progress
Final Fantasy XIV
Level: 3 | Type: Open Adventure | Members: 0 / 21

Adventure Information

How to Join Community

There is no official in game guild. This adventure acts as a social circle only but we do have Cross-World Linkshells for the Aether and Primal data centers.

If you play on a different server with family let Soren know and she will add your info here. Cross server Duty/Raid finder has added, so as long as we all play on the same data center we can all raid together.

Mateus - Aether Data Center
Contact: Soren (Alt: Soren Shepard)

Hyperion - Primal Data Center
Contact - Soren (Main: Soren Shepard)

For crossworld linkshell invite hit Soren or Fovial up in discord. Must be on the Aether or Primal data center.


Warparties are various groups currently playing Final Fantasy XIV that have formed up on various servers, factions, and platforms. Be sure to join up with the one that fits your playstyle and platform.

Warparty Name Leader Server Faction Platform Focus Active Members
No Active Warparties.