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Baldur's Gate 3
ArcheAge II
World of Warcraft: Retail
Chrono Odyssey
Path of Exile 2
Arran: The Book of Heroes
Blue Protocol
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Chapter 8:
Conqueror's Blade (2019)
Chapter 7:
New World (2021)
Chapter 6:
World of Warcraft: Classic (2019)
Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online (2014)
Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2 (2012)
Chapter 3:
RIFT (2011)
Chapter 2:
Warhammer Online (2008)
Chapter 1:
Dark Age of Camelot (2001)


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Join the Gaiscioch Commmunity in Skull and Bones

Ahoy, mateys and marauders of the digital seas! Are ye tired of sailin' the solitary waves, navigatin' through the treacherous waters with nary a mate to watch yer back? Fear not, for the Gaiscioch be callin' all hands on deck to join our crew in the grand adventure that is UBISOFT's Skull and Bones!

We be a jolly band of pirates seekin' to explore the vast, untamed oceans, plunder the richest loot, and engage in epic naval battles that'll make even Blackbeard himself turn green with envy. Whether ye be a seasoned old salt or a landlubber new to the pirate life, there's a place for ye among our ranks.

Join us, and ye'll find more than just a crew; ye'll discover a family. A family that sails together, laughs together, and shares in the glory of each conquest. With the Gaiscioch, ye won't just be playin' a game; ye'll be writin' yer own legend in the annals of piracy.

We offer trainin' for the greenhorns, strategies for the tacticians, and camaraderie for all. So hoist yer colors, sharpen yer cutlasses, and ready yer cannons—we're settin' sail for adventure, and we want ye to be part of our legendary tale.

Don't miss yer chance to be part of somethin' truly special. The sea calls, and the Gaiscioch answers with a resounding "Aye!" Join us in Skull and Bones, and let's show the world what it truly means to be a pirate. Yarrrr!