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Rainingblood's Blog

May 16th, 2021

RP Character Profile- Aelfgrim Frostborn

~Aelfgrim Frostborn~
-Priestess of Arkay-

The Nordic chamber is silent and lit with an ambient glow of candle light. The air feels heavy and damp on the skin and is filled with aromas of burning candles, incense, and choking soot from the torches beyond the far door; further into the crypt. The stone walls are moist, but clean and lined with at least twelve bookcases full of neatly stacked books of various topics. A deep breath slightly burns the lungs, but reveals the underlying smell of decay meant to be disguised by the burning wax. This place is not one that is meant for the living.

Across the room stands a tall, slender figure facing a desk lit by more candles whose wax was hardened onto the table resembling a star burst. Even though wearing a hooded robe, the flickering candlelight reveals a surprisingly feminine face which appears to be wrought with concern. Her brow is furrowed, accentuating the scar across her right brow, and both eyes are clasped shut as if enduring a sharp pain...

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May 16th, 2021

Journal of Aelfgrim Frostborn's Account of the Akaviri Invasion

I entered Eastmarch following the White River toward Windhelm and followed a pass through the cairn-topped mountains for a more direct route. The closer I got to the city, the more I realized that the smoke I had seen was a larger plume that I had thought, and it was not from a camp. It was from Windhelm. I needed to scout ahead and get a closer look to figure out what was happening. Even with everything I had witnessed over the years, the scene outside the city walls was a macabre vision. Burning corpses, arrow-laden horse corpses, and Nord body parts littered the ground. Squawking crows filled the air in anticipation of their next meal. The mud on the ground was slightly frozen and tinged with crimson. The dead and dying were sprawled everywhere amidst wreckage of siege weapons and battle pyres. Many of these bodies were not Nords; they looked like beings I’ve only heard in old songs of battles long ago… the Akaviri.

I sensed movement to my left and I positioned myself to fight, but I saw a Nord draped over a piece of a shattered trebuchet, clinging to life...

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  • Battle Recap:

    Began with some seige placement practice, took multiple keeps and had some good combat. NOTE: for participation, I selected outposts for the keeps we flipped since I'm not ranked to select keeps yet :)) Everyone did an amazing job keeping close together with crown and following lead...
  • Battle Recap:

    Great run today. Got some good PvP, and was really happy with how well everyone did. Great turnout too!