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Curadh de na Aracos


Curadh de na Aracos

Member Profile:

Status: Active
Rank: Curadh de na Aracos
Joined: October 09, 2012
Last Seen: October 20, 2017
Active Membership:
Membership History:
ArenaNet ID: puddintay.5786
ESO ID: @Myxilplix

Social & Communication:

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Family Record:

Branch Level Title Points Progress
Family Honor Points Valor 3 Devoted Pack Master 203
Family Honor Points Fellowship 20 Legendary Grandmaster Champion 136,971
Discovery Explorer 0 Wanderer 0
Scholar Scholar 0 Student 17
Artisan Points Artisan 0 Novice Tinkerer 0
Artisan Points Social 0 Novice Associate 0



Devotion Rank 12Valor Rank 3Fellowship Rank 20     

DakkhonBlackBlade's Retinue:

The Elder Scrolls Online
Faction Race Class Character Level Tradeskills Story
Ebonheart Pact Sorcerer @Myxilplix 1  
Ebonheart Pact Dragon Knight @War Child 1  
Guild Wars 2
Race Calling Character Name Level Tradeskills  
Sylvari Necromancer Beserker Fate Zero 80  
Norn Mesmer Calypso Titania 80  
Asura Guardian Colossus of Sardia 80  
Asura Ranger Dakkhon Black Blade 80  
Sylvari Necromancer Dakkon The Beserker 80  
Asura Mesmer Dark Marjinn Buu 80  
Human Necromancer Demon Eye Kyo 80  
Human Mesmer I I Enemy I I 80  
Asura Necromancer Igotthe Meat Sweats 80  
Sylvari Warrior Iron Maydon 80 500 Armorsmithing | 500 Weaponsmithing  
Norn Ranger Lady Death Shot 80  
Asura Elementalist Lil Rayden 80  
Asura Thief Macktheknife 80  
Human Engineer Myxilplix 80  
Human Ranger Pepi Le Pew Pew 80  
Asura Warrior Three Toed Psycho 80  
Sylvari Elementalist Tyberius Storm Lord 80  
Human Mesmer Vsuvan Doppleganger 80  
Asura Warrior Warchild 80  
Norn Thief Winged Jackal 80  
Elder Scrolls: Online