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Terafer's GW2 WvW Daggers

Game Level Requirement Host Next Event Event Type
Guild Wars 2 None Terafer Thursday, Jun. 29 at 5:00PM - 8:00PM PDT Recurring Every 7 Days


Small group WvWvW event. Attack, Defense, Havoc, Camps, Towers, Garrisons, Keeps, Ruins of Power whatever is needed. Please meet in Discord GW2 Community Ch before the event. Battle Ground TBD. Please Remember to claim your participation! Please bring a desire to have fun! Fight with honor and create events worthy of the great boasting halls of Hoelbrak. Many of you always ask.. What should I bring to the event?; I have always answered bring what you wish to play. I think you you will play your best on the charter you enjoy the most! However, If you happen to have an 80 level in one of the following classes our teams work can be made much easier: (The following is based on a 15-20 man Havoc Group) This is an edit in progress. Guardians 4 Elite Skill Tome of Courage Weapons Hammer/Staff/Greatsword(have available Scepter/Focus or Shield) Mesmer 2-3 Elite Skill Mass Invisibility/ Time Warp Utilities Signet/Nullfield/Blink/Veil/Portal Staff Elemental 4 Elite Skill Conjure Fiery Great-sword Weapon Staff Skill 3 and 5 (WATER) are the key! The Zerg LOVES elles The ZERG survies because of ellies! Necromancers 4-6 Elite Skill Plague or Reaper of Grenth Staff/Scepter/war horn Util WELLS Spectral Wall Revevenant 3-4 ( Working on Boon share requirements Engineers/Scrappers 2-3 Elite Skill TBD Warriors 1-2 Elite Skill Battle Standard Weapon Hammer/Great-sword/Axe/War Horn for swiftness Other classes Yes absolutely Please bring if possible your 80 level charter, of any class, that you truly wish to play in WvWvW. If you do not have an 80 level charter please try to have your elite skills available. (Starting at Level 30) Desired elite skills ie. Warriors War-banner, Guardians Tome of Courage, Elemental FGS, Mesmer's Mass Invisibility and or Time Warp, etc.

Date Time Event

Past Events

Date Event Score
2017-06-22 GW2 WvW Daggers 118
2017-06-15 GW2 WvW Daggers 157
2017-06-08 GW2 WvW Daggers 208
2017-06-01 GW2 WvW Daggers 244
2017-05-25 GW2 WvW Daggers 118
2017-05-18 GW2 WvW Daggers 156
2017-05-11 GW2 WvW Daggers 211
2017-05-04 GW2 WvW Daggers 141
2017-04-27 GW2 WvW Daggers 135

Scores Are Calculated Nightly At Midnight.

Signed Up:

Member Available Characters

Notice: Signing Up for an event does NOT guarantee inclusion. This is a RSVP stating that you are available for the event if needed. Certain events require certain classes, builds, and equipment to successfully complete. Please contact event leader before the event and be present before the time of the event for best results.
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