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This Rank 4 Bright Wizard joined the Tuatha on August 11, 2010 as a member of Gaiscioch. Cptnjlpicard is a Fili de na Aracos of the Tuatha. They were last seen on August 15, 2010. Cptnjlpicard is played by Donaliam.

Character Sheet:

Name Level Class
Fili de na Aracos
4 Bright Wizard

The Story of Cptnjlpicard

A New Voyage

Captain's Log, Stardate 64111.9,
After months of wondering where members of my crew have gone, I have found them. Wilriker, Bcrusher, Mrdata, Dtroy (Actual Character name spelling) and JtKirk? Clearly this is a strange anomoly that has brought us to this plce. So far the only people missing are Geordi, Worf and Mr Crusher. I hope they do not end up here. We have all be teleported to some unkown Universe where we are locked into a great war with elves, orcs, and goblins. The Prime Directive be dammed in this case. Until such time that we can return to our own world we must participate in this war. I wonder if Q has anything to do with this...