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a Dwarf's Warrior Guide

Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh
Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh
Posted On: 12/15/2016 at 09:47 AM
  • XBOX

The following describes the various roles and builds I have used in leveling, PvP, tanking and general mayhem sinc my return to Rift. I have played around with both the presets and my own modifications and the below are my most used/favorite builds.



Paladin: 61,  Liberator 15,  Paragon 0

in Lib:  Freedom Fighting 4; Optimism 5; Dichotomy of Pain 1; Symbiotic Relationship 5


Legendaries:   Paladin:  Protector's Fury (; Light's Balm; Retaliation.   Liberator:  Liberation Treatment.  Paragon: Swift Strike



#show Retaliation
cast Light's Vengeance
cast Retaliation
cast Pacifying Strike


#show Purify Land
cast @gtae Purify Land
cast Light's Reprisal
cast Light's Decree
cast Sweeping Strike


#show Shield Defense
cast Shield Defense
cast Aegis of the Light
cast Light's Protection

Position  Primary Bar  Secondary Bar   Tertiary Bar
 1  Righteous Charge  Call of the Devine  Break Free
 2  Swift Strike  Judgment  MOUNT
 3  Aggressive Block  Interfere  Amnesty
 4  1TgtStack Macro  Light's Hammer  Ascended Resurrection
 5  Light's Benediction  Light's Domination  Wall of Light
 6  Righteous Blow Prolonged Recovery  Sanctuary
 7  AoEStack Macro   Touch of Life  Shield of the Hero
 8  Vengeful Decree Light's Blessing  Shield of the Chosen
 9  First Aid   Light's Balm  Shield of the Vengeful
10 Dichotomy of Pain Liberation Treatment Protector's Fury
11 Bubble MAcro Healer's Intuition Aegis of Sanctuary
12 Face Slam Castigate Way of the River


I usually have my primary bar mapped to 1 to =, and my secondary to my numeric keyboard. This puts the secondary 10 spot on the numpad 0 key for quick spam.


The key is to keep Protector's Fury, swift strike, Aggressive Block and Retaliation buffs up at all times during a fight. This combination In legendary status, can proc 3 different damages and a heal on you when hit. In most fights with uo to 3-4 equal or +1 mobs I never drop below 50% damage without activating a heal.

start with a charge (1), the set your buffs (2) (3) (4) (4), Finish the round (5), the enter the sustained rotation  for 2 to 3 cycles:  (4) (4) (4) (6); set your buffs, sustained rotation rinse repeat.


Against Multiple targets still set your buffs first:  (2) (3) (4) (4) (5); the use an AoE Rotation: (7) (7) (7) (8); followed by a normal rotation (4) (4) (4) (6); rinse repeat as needed.


If you are taking damage you can cycle a heal rotation in; (9) (9) (9) (0); or substitute the (0) for any other finisher.


cast Liberation Treatment (num 0) about every 30 seconds.


Use other skills as the situation calls for.



you have 2 taunts, one single target (8 sec cooldown), 1 aoe (20 sec cooldown). This makes it hard if others are stepping on your taunts, but that goes with every tank. The key to holding agggro is getting them to hit you. If they proc any of the retaliation hits or the heal it greatly increases your agro hold.  This means you need to actively encourage the group to hit your target, and not spread their fire. Call of the devine is also handy for grabbing a runner or pulling  a mob into a central fire cauldron.

The next reply will detail the Warlord Build



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Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh
Caomhnoir de na Fhiaigh
Replied On: 12/15/2016 at 10:24 AM PST
  • XBOX


Soul Tree:  Warlord 61; Void Knight 7; Liberator 8.

In Void Knight: Energy Retention 5; Empowered Armor 2.

In Liberator: Freedom Fighting 5; Dichotomy of Pain 1; Symbiotic Relationship 2.

Legendaries: Warlord: Everything is a Weapon (2x damage to attack after finisher); A Quick Death (now counts as finisher); Ready Posture (can allow Quick Death to be used 5 times per proc).  Void Knight: Reckless Strike (retaliation proc).  Liverator: First Aid.



#show Backhand
cast Backhand
cast Arterial Strike
cast A Quick Death
cast Reckless Strike


#show King of the Hill
cast King of the Hill
cast Decisive Strike
cast Empowering Strike


Position  Primary Bar  Secondary Bar   
 1 Reckless Strike  Into the Breavh  
 2  Conditional Macro Clear the Breach  
 3 Quick Death  Sergeant's Order  
 4  Piercing Thrust  General's Order  
 5  Builder's macro  Defensive Maneuver  
 6  Breaking Blow Forced March  
 7  Wave of Steel   Eye of the Storm  
 8  Killing Field Battlefield Medic  
 9  First Aid   Liberation Treatment  
10 Dichotomy of Pain No Permission to Die  
11 Castigate Healer's Intuition  
12 Neck Punch BreakFree  


I usually have my primary bar mapped to 1 to =, and my secondary to my numeric keyboard. This puts the secondary 10 spot on the numpad 0 key for quick spam.

This build can deal amazing amounts of damage if you pay a bit of attention to timing. Your Conditional attacks deal a lot of damage, and combining the legendary abilities, you can increase already high damage by about 50% or more.

Start a fight with Reckless strike and use it as needed to keep the buff up.

Normal rotation is (4) (5) (5) (6) but you will never use it after the opening when your conditional attacks start to become available.

If any of the conditional attacks procs it will flash above your hot bars, hit the macro (2) to cast them.

Once Quick Death procs, alternate it with normal attacks, with priority to conditionals and Piercing Thrust.

Use normal rotation if no contidionals are available.

Multiple targets alternate quick death with wave of steel,  (3) (7) (3) (7) and finish with (8) as needed.


this build has a single target and crowd Charge AND Pull abilities. You are a nice CC build and can control who Isi fighting who.

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Laoch de na Iolair Dearg
Laoch de na Iolair Dearg
  • GW2: Lakshmi.5941
Replied On: 12/16/2016 at 09:46 AM PST
  • Twitch
  • Extra-Life

I haven't had a chance to read through these yet, but THANKS!  I love the feel of the warrior class but I just haven't found the right build yet.  This looks like great food for thought.

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