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Prophecy Of Ankhket Expert Runs Guild Style

Curadh de na Faolchu Donn
Curadh de na Faolchu Donn
Posted On: 07/09/2017 at 06:31 AM
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Prophecy Of Ankhket Expert Runs Guild Style

By: Intp

DC aka Fiveofseven/Diablotcanine lead an intrepid marathon of Expert with guildies.

A few of the finer points when you do DC blitz runs:

1. In Darkening Deeps - Run to the Bottom - Kill the Sniper mobs on the ledges - Kill the mobs that mass under the bridge - Burn bosses - Run all the way to the back wall of the Werewolf encounter, avoid drawing aggro - Run through the spiders all the way to the boss spider at the end, die in place SW and Rez - Stack on boss spider's behind - Drag all the slugs through their area all the way into the triple boss area, kill in tank order - Burn Scarn

2. Tuath'de Cover (The swampy instance) Follow the tank, if they go left at the end of the run, you go right to avoid getting aggro -

Mossclaw: This is the big bear, dps down the bear but save your cool downs to burn his witch, needs a double interrupt, plan for it and take turns, back up doesn't hurt.

Hollowood: Start near the hive just out off to the side of the entrance, just off to the side. On the Bees, Bees, Bees encounter don't worry about dpsing the boss, kill one and only one Green Pure spirit (you can make a macro /target pure to find them faster) IN THE VICINITY OF THE hive Honeycomb looking mounds, when the Green Pure mobs die, use voice chat to let the tank know, then dps down the mounds, move to the next mound grab another green pure mob, repeat. Avoid AOEing down more than one green or it will take longer.

Lanaria: This is the Horse encounter. Stay on the Horse side, dps down, stay out of his charge and don't run through or stand in the storm cloud visual on the ground. If there is no one in melee range it's bad so make sure someone stays in melee range.

Simulacrum of Nathairacha: Do this one last. This is the dragon that starts trapped under the walker bot. It's a dragon, stay away from front and back, dps from the sides.

These expert runs are part of a long grind of 100 for a weapon upgrade that follows the Wicket Minion levelilng phase. Also other weapons may require specific bosses, just keep cranking them out to meet your needs. Also keep an eye out for upgrade drops!

3. Temple of Ananke: This is the rocky, red dirt instance. When running stay to the left. Some spots need the healer to cleanse and heal tank others don't. When you get to the end of the runs, run into LOS areas to avoid aggro from adds. Also be quick to rez tanks and healers.

Gristlespit: Spread out in a semi circle to prevent getting his nasty DPS spittle on you group! If he calls you out go and pick up a barrel, dps him down. The chain mechanic is most easily done with a ranged person standing near the chain. The handle will sparkle when it is pullable, it prevents a charge against a player. 

Killthraxus: This is the Burning Tower engagement, dps the tower, stay out of the ground damage effect but MOST importantly look for the little group of ads that run out, dps the guy with the big back pack but make sure he dies next to the tower. Bosses drops down after the tower is blown up and killlll him. There are a total of 5 Bombadier Goblins that need to be killed near the tower to remove the stacks.

Lord Draveneaux: Target Bulwark first, then Aspirator then the boss himself. Kill the Infernal Bulwark and then the Volcanic Aspirator to expose the boss. Have him stand near Caustic Shards and at the same time in the fire AOE while the group avoids these. Super Heated in combination with Caustic Shard will remove the last barrier from the boss. If you manage to do so you can greatly speed up the fight by keeping these debuffs active on him (requires managing the Caustic Shards and movement). Be sure to heal Tasuil after Scale Breaker and when the fire should damage him. If the tank fights the boss next to the chains that bind Tasuil at the post, it will break the chains and Tasuil will one shot the boss regardless of dps.

Maelfernus: This is fiery blob mob. All group gets in melee range and burns him down.

Ananke: Pick a lower dps person with interrupt to kite, everyone dps dragon down to 72%, Kiter runs to Anake she is the saggy boss in the back, be prepared to interrupt blue cast bar, everone else follows tank around to the blue/green crystals that spawn and dps them down when the dragon is near it. If you kill them fast you can do it by only killing two crystals.

4. Intrepid: Gyel Fortress There are running routes to avoid ads, sticks with group. When trying to 'jump up' on the ramp, look for the Crease in the side of the ramp, there is a slightly higher platform right there, jump there then jump up. Here is a great guide to the fights, avoid pulling ads to you.

Houndmaster Kytus
Admiral Nezavar
Lady Glasya

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