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Thursday Night TD Runs With DC: Slow But Steady - Keep On Progressing.

Curadh de na Faolchu Donn
Curadh de na Faolchu Donn
Posted On: 07/09/2017 at 05:57 AM
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Thursday Night TD Runs With DC: Slow But Steady - Keep On Progressing.

By: Intp

Slow but Steady: Wow, what a difference some practice can make. For the most part, other than some off tank coaching on the 2nd encounter, DC was largely able to just tank while the raid followed through on the mechanics and dps with little need for an explanation of the fights. However, if you are new into the raid group, please ask for any clarifications that may improve your dps or survive-ability. 

After Action Review:

-1st Encounter: When the dragon is on the ground, that is the priority target. Unless they are dieing from tics, the adds shouldn't be killed when the boss is the on the ground.
-2nd Encounter: When off tanking stay stacked on the main tank, keep your view so you can see the center pillar and use a group pull when the spiders emerge. Main tank takes 1st, 3rd, 5th (Odd) spawns of spiders. Off tank grabs 2nd, 4th, 6th (Even) spawns.
-3rd Encounter: If you have a melee dps spec, this is a good instance to use it on as the bosses do not cleave, have a ranged attack at hand though to dps down Crystals and Voids when the laser beam is between you.
-4th Encounter: The main wipe was caused by a bad timing sequence: The "Stand Alone" white circle dropped, followed immediately after by the Yellow and Purple sorting mechanic (making it hard to see your color), the group then had to scatter to avoid the damage after the stand alone (don't cross the bubbles phase) but also had to go run into the colored areas. This killed several folks.

General: Mages don't use "Red Circles" (which are actually a green circle to the mage) AOE from Firestorm in the ground effect encounters, 3rd and 4th bosses particularly.

DPS: The goal for DPS should be between 300k and 400K, the majority of us are a good bit away from that mark under the current conditions. It's a good reason to get on the forums, discuss with others in your class and practice some new specs that may not be as dependent on certain mechanics. For example, due to complications caused by the AOE ground effect of Legendary Fire Storm, mages will lose about 80k-100k dps due to losing the proc frequency buff that it brings in addition to the aoe effect. The Harbinger melee soul doesn't depend on this mechanic and will help you boost your dps in encounters that the AOE causes a distraction.

-Read your guides carefully for your class from the forums, work on timing your cool downs on dummies and in dungeons.
-Continue to do Experts to increase your gear and moves.
-Seek out improved Lessers with Crit power by doing QF (The broken skull event), these can also be farmed by doing Major rifts. (QF guide:
-Keep after your eternal weapon quest to upgrade your weapon.
-Ensure each piece of semi-permanent gear has either Orbs or Runes applied.
-Make sure you come to raid with Stones, Pots, Food/Drink and Insoles. These help dps and help keep you alive.
-Farm and analyze the Planar Fragments, keep in mind the Fragment Matrix for Best, Better, Good fragments.

A good TD should take just under 30 minutes, we are currently at about 60 minutes. This is a good goal and indicator of many things: wipes, dps, efficiency, alacrity etc. By the time we are well geared etc to do it in under 30 minutes we will need to be at roughly double the dps we currently are at.

Thanks everyone for attending and helping each other progress and improve!


Next Actions:

You can find the sign up for the Wednesday and Thursday Progression raiding events on the event calendar@


You need to have 2200 hit with decent gear and willing to follow directions; if you think instructions do not pertain to you because......., this group is not for you. IRotP is intense, if you lack the capability to play with intensity, this group is not for you. If you cannot commit to making a Wednesday and Thursday night Raid schedule, this group is not for you.

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Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Corcra
Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Corcra
Replied On: 07/20/2017 at 05:04 AM PDT
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As with all things change is inevitable. 4.2 is going to allow for TD to be run in a higher difficulty. Will this increase the drop rates and currency rewards? I will continue to host TD on Sundays and now Wednesdays. Eventually once we get a good core group geared up we can attempt the higher difficulty level of TD.

"The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack." .......... Ruyard Kipling
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