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New events to bring to the table.

Ban Lorgaire
Ban Lorgaire
Posted On: 01/03/2017 at 09:03 PM

Howdy Family!!


I want to add two events (for now).  Before I set a date, I am hoping to make sure I get input that might make it a great success.  The first one that came to mind was maybe do a hide n seek with Rift flare.  I take some time to hide, give out a clue in guild chat then the hunt will begin.  To spice it up though, I won't just be waiting to be found.  Instead the first to find me and then sheep me gains a point. Over the course of a month the person with the most points wins the event to gain themselves 1000 plat.  \0/  I figured before the event starts, like a couple a weeks before I'll hunt down the pages needed for the artifact collection so that most if not all have a chance at the sheeping.  My hopes is that a few more might step in to help make this possible and go artifact hunting in Gloamwood as well. :-)  On a side note, I'm still working on selling things as best I can to make the plat for the event.  Once I get enough I will be ready to start!!


Okay, so my second event will take some major plat earning on my part so I'm going to say this might take me a bit to organize.  What I want to do is maybe once to twice a day ask a few questions in 1-29 chat with plat prizes.  Nothing major, mind you, but I was leaning towards 100 to 200 plat prizes maybe more for a difficult one.  I want to center this around music.  What I plan on doing is stating one line in chat and from that one line, they have to give me song title and artist.  They will have 90 seconds to do this in.  What I hope to do with this is get others talking about our guild and maybe with that get a few more like-minded souls to join us. :-)


If anyone has any suggestions on how to beef up these ideas and make them great then let me know.  I'm guessing that I'll aim to kick things off in two months.  Happy Hunting all!! <3

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