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Level 70 Tuath'de Coven Expert guide

Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Posted On: 12/13/2016 at 10:26 AM

by burninalways


Boss and Trash can cleave so tank away from the faces of your group.

Always skip the trash, they take too long and you can't purge Dark Armor so the group could die from too much dps. You skip by getting on your mounts, tank leads the charge and everyone follows.

First the tank needs to lead the group to the indicated section "The Ritual Site" or doorway, this will unlock the path to the 1st boss.

You don't need to stay at the "The Ritual Site" go straight to the boss and die, dieing is the quickest way to get to each boss. Now if packs of wasps stay with the group just kill them, they do no dps.

There's a space on the left side of the lockout wall which is a good place to stop and die to avoid the trash you skipped.

The group should be out of combat, if not they need to die as well, then resurrect each other.

1st Boss: Mossclaw
Need 2 interrupts for the Bear
If you don't interrupt the whole group gets knocked back, or aoe mushrooms spawn at each player, you can easily move out of the range of the mushroom otherwise you could wipe.

DPS the Bear at about 10% health the shield will come off the Witch, switch to the Witch and dps her.
Then when her shield comes back switch to the Bear.
Repeat this until both Witch and Bear are dead.

AoE spawns as a circumference at the lockout wall and gets bigger, so stay close to the middle of the room.



Fungus Retreatus
Force Marsi'etha to withdraw in 2 attempts or less in Tuath'de Coven on Expert.

You need a very good healer, or tank that can heal the group, the rest go DPS saving their cooldowns for the Witch.


The trash that you skipped should be removed, up until you get to the "The Ritual Site" or doorway. Head straight to the next boss and go to the right side of the lockout wall.

2nd Boss: Hollowood
Need one interrupt for the boss.
If you don't interrupt the whole group take aoe damage and can wipe.

Each Hive represents part of the Boss's health, they need to die for the boss to die.

Now there's two ways to do this:

Tank stands next to each Hive with boss, with both Green & Blue adds.

Tank stands in the center with boss and Blue adds, dps pulls the Green adds to the Hive with their dps.

Green adds need to die at a hive, you only need to kill one for the buff on the hive to be removed.
Once this happens kill that hive, you do this for each hive.

Don't kill the Blue adds at the hive, they add to the buff the hives have when they die.
If you do the hive requires a 2nd Green add death to remove this new buff.

If you run out of Green adds you will need the kill the Blue ones too to spawn more.



Buzz Kill
Prevent Hollowood from ever using it's Release Bees ability.

Tank should always be interrupting the boss, so you should already have this one.


The trash that you skipped should be removed, up until you get to the "The Ritual Site" or doorway. Head straight to through the doorway to the next boss avoiding the path with the Frogs/Toads they yank you backward, go the the right side of the lockout wall.

3rd Boss: Lanaria
Tank needs to stay in melee range of the Boss.
Otherwise the boss could deal aoe damage to the whole group.

DPS the boss to death.

AoE spawns on the ground move away, AoE bubbles stick the two players they need to stay away from each other and other players.
The Boss also drops a trail of AoE move away.



Shish Kabob Surgery
Save Lanaria from her fate in Expert difficulty.

Don't kill Lanaria. Every time purple lightning hits the Witch she loses some stacks, these stacks prevents her from taking damage, so after she loss the 50 stacks you can kill her.

Avoid the path with the Frogs/Toads they yank you backward. The group should run around the lockout wall to the back wall this should remove all combat and threat. On the inside of the doorway to the 4th boss is an orb you can use to skip the scene.

4th Boss: Nathairacha
Tank stays in the middle with boss.

DPS the boss to death.

Boss has a breath, a cone of aoe that the tank needs to step out the way.
Everyone needs to stay away from the Tail.

A Witch become active when the boss's health drops below 90%, they spawning ground & bubble AoE that you saw on the previous bosses, just move away from the AoE and stay on the Boss.



Thrall, Love, Madstone
Slay the three Witches during the Simulacrum of Nathairacha fight in Expert difficulty.

Damage the boss to about 90% health.
The first Witch's shield should drop kill her after she dies the next Witch shield drops, and after she dies the last Witch shield drops. Then when all three are dead you can kill the boss.

Last edited by Burninalways; 12-08-2016 at 12:08 PM.

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