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Level 70 Temple of Ananke Expert Dungeon Guide

Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Posted On: 12/13/2016 at 10:22 AM 

by burninalways

Quick Temple of Ananke Expert Guide

Boss and Trash can cleave so tank away from the faces of your group.

You can skip the trash if you want to, tank leads the charge and everyone follows then the tank & healer dies at the boss lockout wall.

1st Boss: Gristlespitt
The boss has a channel ability that needs to be interrupted you do this by pulling on the handle the Chain is connected to, otherwise the tank needs to run away from the boss to avoid being killed also any in melee range can also be killed.

It's best to tank the boss at the handle so either the Tank or DPS can use the handle.

The boss will also want to charge at a player, that player needs to grab a barrel near Tasuil if they don't they instantly die as well as anyone in between the boss and that player.

2nd Boss: Killthraxus
The pillar needs to die before you can kill the boss.

The pillar will timely spawn moving cone aoe that stems from it's center and spikes that will shoot up from the base and at the circumference of the lockout wall, also the boss at the top will randomly spawn ground aoe around the pillar all of this need to be avoided.

Now the pillar has 5 stacks which prevent you from dealing normal damage, you remove the stacks by killing a big goblin which drops a bomb where it dies; 2 gremlins escort each goblin which the tank needs to pick up. 

Best to tank the goblin at the base of the pillar.
If killed far away you can pick up the bomb, you have to target the pillar, and drop as close as you can to the pillar.

Once 5 bombs have gone off the pillar dies, you can also dps the pillar to kill it faster at about 2 stacks you will see your damage really affect its health.

Now you can kill the boss.

3rd Boss: Lord Draveneaux
You need to protect Tasuil from getting killed by healing him.

The boss has 3 buffs that prevent any normal damage:

  • First buff is removed by targeting his head destroying it.
  • Second buff is removed by having the boss stand in the cone aoe, this also applies a buff you need for the third buff.
  • Third buff is removed by having the boss stand next to a crystal, this applies a buff that you need to combine with the cone aoe.

After all 3 buffs are removed you can easily kill the boss.

4th Boss: Maelfernus
Boss applies a stacking debuff to each player which deals damage and increases the damage per stack.
You can remove this be standing in the aoe Tasuil applies at his feet.

Lava adds spawn which place persistent ground aoe and they will move towards the group.

5th Boss: Ananke
Don't kill Tasuil, if you do the fight will reset.

The tank needs to only be tanking Tasuil, you need to bring Tasuil health down to 75% this will cause the real boss to activate.

One DPS needs to damage the other boss, you will also need to interrupt him otherwise the group takes a lot of damage, and kite him around the room avoiding Tasuil; he moves every slowly.

Tasuil gains a stacking debuff that needs to be removed before you can kill the real boss, you remove this by killing a Crystal while Tasuil is next to it; your group's DPS needs to kill this crystal fast otherwise it can despawn.

Once Tasuil loss all stacks the real boss will run to his starting position, after this happens you can kill him.



Last Edited on: 12/13/2016 at 10:31 AM
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