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Nightmare Rifts strategy

Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Ban Ridire de na Aracos Donn
Posted On: 12/10/2016 at 11:10 AM

I know a lot of people are working on getting their ghar reputation up and one of the big ways of doing so is with NMRs.  Strategies in this guide can be implemented if people are wanting to get to the high levels of nmr achievements.  There is no exact science, but lots of info on what is actually going on during the NMR and what different  classes/specs would work best with their abilities.



1 Tank(pulls preferred) - 
- ofc its all about keeping aggro, you can manage the adds in every stage in relation of orb usage (obliteration and crystal f.e.) way better if one person can control the overall position of the adds, 
- if the tank can purge and cleanse the better his function gets in the raid in terms of replacing a full dps(explaining later)
-i recommend full dps gear since dps of every person gets more important in the later stages

1 Grp heal (Warden or Liberator or Chloro) -  Phys tact will work too
- in the early stages the grp healer wont do anything important since the dmg taken is very low but gets crucial in later stages with bosses sub 1 min
- healer is going to be responsible for unity orb
- if you can manage dmg taken even in later stages you will get to higher stages if you replace him with a full dps

1 Bard/Oracle + 1 Harbchon/Stormchon -

-obviously you get better results in a full raid since you you compensate more players in terms of dps, because the more players> supports are going to exceed players limits in terms of dps than a 10 man or 5 man raid.
- ofc the rifts scale with players, however you seem to get the best results in terms of scaling with exactly 20 players, f.e. if you only have 5 ppl and one dies, you are missing 20% dps if all were full dps, but if one dies in a 20 man raid you only lose about 5% dps

the rest of the team - DPS -

Mage: Dominator/Stormcaller for AOE/ST-NO PYRO (no cd's every second stage)
Rogue: Bladedancer or Nightblade for AOE/ST or Ranger for range ST
Cleric: Cabbalist for AOE/Utility or Inquisitor for ST
Warrior: Obviously Tempest with Power Variation Mastery

- So this is where i am still not 100% sure
-I tried a couple of methods in terms of reaching higher stages depending on ST and AOE DMG and here is my verdict:

The best spec for every DPS is a 2- 3 target cleave spec with enough ST Dps to manage the bosses under 1 minute, but here is the catch:

-it cant be melee, since bosses with refraction orb mechanics f.e. will oneshot you if you don't react fast enough and bosses with charge abilities will outrange you more than once, so range is preferred
-ofc if you are able to manage and like it to change the spec every stage go ahead but its a dps lose imo

F.e. Bladedancer as a rogue seems to be the best choice for NMR's but will get worse on higher stages on bosses, so Nightblade seems to be the better choice

the trick is that you setup your raid to have very high sustained ST DPS and ENOUGH AOE dps to handle the 4+ add stages without using an orb. So bladedancer will be the best spec if the other classes handle the ST on bosses f.e.

Try experimenting and add some comments if you have better ideas to reach stage 150+ on NM V.

Boss and Add-Mechanics:

So this is the most important part and i guess you know why!


Invokers, Earthcallers etc:

- big pulsing yellow bubble, every add in this bubble will get healed after 4 seconds, so assign ppl with purge or let the archon mass-purge the whole grp, on stage 100+ you will fail if you cant handle this mechanic

Tormenters, Husks etc:

-these are the typical shield mobs with big red AOE zones that often cause open world NM's to fail, focus these bastards first in open world

-placeholder- tree like adds:

big pulsing purple bubble, fears after 4 seconds, let the archon mass purge them if there are more than 2, mass cleanse if you fail

Refraction Orb Bosses:

This are the most mean guys out there, one shotting the raid with big slow orbs if you dont react fast
best strategy so far is to let the raid go on max range spreading around the boss and if he casts orbs, run even further out of the raid, there is also another cast called pulsing orb that is less dangerous because the orbs spawn inside the boss and not from players

Positive-Negative Bosses:

-you ALL know that these guys suck but still its quite easy if you figured out

-you have to be in the zone for at least 1 second before the buff applies
-the positive zone are mostly the furthest away

> when you see the zones spawn always run to the white zone first or between a white and a purple zone and then you can decide if you run back to negative or continue to positive
> if you cant manage it in time, use an absorb shield(the dmg from the mechanic is 100% of your health so a shield WILL save you, dmg reduction wont)
> you can also use oracle defend the fallen or bards mass shield or any mass shield for 20 ppl to bypass the mechanic
> on NM V remember to immediately leave the zone because of nightmare torrent

So these are the only 2 bosses that can screw up your attempts, the rest of the bosses are fairly easy and the mechanics are obvious too but i will add them later on


Since one orb spawns after every stage and later on after every minute it is recommend to use an orb every stage no matter what until stage 60 for phase streak 4 bonus.

Make sure you have enough nightmare energy and ppl to build up the power up pillars.

Make sure to use consumables on CD like tablets, feast, semblances etc.

If you want to reach stage 300 you will need to substitute the tank and healer with semblance's V otherwise you wont meet the dps check and also certainly you need full raid equip and use the power ups wisely.

Power Ups(Orb) usage:

All Orbs do a certain percent of dmg to adds and bosses, f.e. sacrifice will always do 50% of the enemy's max HP.

All Orbs have a passive and an active ability that should be used as a transition, f.e. unity's passive can be used as a healer when you have 15 seconds left on the stage and the active ability can be used on the next stage.

Assign one DPS to dmg the crystal orb since you get the most dmg if you use the full duration of its existence and kill the crystal in the next stage.

Use Chaos in one stage and buff a player in the next stage.

Always try to "waste orbs" like grip and surge on stages where you certainly wont need an orb to pass to make space for a better orb.

If you run low on orbs(max. 4) try to stall the stage as long as possible to regain orbs. f.e. 12 min bosses are immune to orbs anyway so kill it when you have reached the maximum amount of orbs.

Try not to save orbs for too long since they seem to despawn after some minutes. so always go for first in, first out technic if possible.

Try to clear the 4+ add stages without orbs.


Another guide for NMR's can be found at

 posted originally by Kzik, Destined

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Ban Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Buí
Ban Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Buí
Replied On: 12/10/2016 at 05:03 PM PST

I have found a good strategy is to have a player familiar with the various orbs (grips, etc...) be solely responsible for their use. This prevents them from being used incorrectly. With the right person who understands proper use, rifts can go long. (I am not that right person)

Also, the instances can actually be useful in that they limit who is in the rift which prevents non-raid people coming in and doing silly things (or just plain greifing).

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Bandraoi de na Iolair Corcra
Bandraoi de na Iolair Corcra
  • GW2: Briseadh.7386
  • ESO: @Briseadh
Replied On: 12/10/2016 at 06:56 PM PST
  • Twitch

Thanks for sharing - I have a stormcaller spec I'll try out next week as I do think that will do better than the necromancer setup. Both are not bad setups, but I can tell they each have their place in the game.

And I'm the chick that is there just to kill the stuff, not play with the mechanics of stuffs other to know when to move my butt to safer spots as the evil ground poo happens. ;)

Don't mess with Mama Bear, I might hug you too tight. =D
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