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Dimensions and the bank

Ban Lorgaire de na Sailetheach
Ban Lorgaire de na Sailetheach
Posted On: 11/30/2016 at 09:41 PM

Hello all, first off I'd like to say I'm writing in this font because not everyone can see in tiny lil words...:)

I wanted to address the issue with the bank and dim items. I like that everyone is contributing things to the guild, however we have a dim storage for all dim items. If you can please put those items in there instead of the guild bank, I would be grateful. Just simply go to guildmates type in storage and it will show up on the top of the list. I realize we all get over encumbered by dim items and its easy to just toss it in the bank but that xtra bank slot could help out a lot, we are running into another bank slot with dim items and that shouldn't be the case when we have a dim for it. So I just ask everyone to put things in the storage dim, it really would help out with all the new materials and things coming with this expac. I will try to organize the storage dim best I can, but again it really would help clear out our banks. I  mean I take things out daily just to clear some space. Only to come back the next day with it full again..I hope ya all get my drift here and stop tossing dim items in the bank. You can also send them to me if you wish..Raynastar. I just think its wilde that we are taking up almost two full bank slots of dim items when we have a place for them.


Thank you all:)

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