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Rift - 7 days of patron status

Fili de na Iomproidh Donn
Fili de na Iomproidh Donn
Posted On: 12/27/2015 at 04:30 AM
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Celebrate the Holidays as a Patron!


To celebrate the holidays, and the new Affinity system, we’re giving away 7 days of Patron status to anyone who logs in between Thursday, December 24 and Sunday, December 27, 2015.

It’s that simple, just log in at least once during this time and you’ll get 7 FREE days of Patron! Stand tall and enjoy the many benefits of your new status. While you’re in game, pop into the Marketplace to check out the wide range of Affinity rewards available for Patrons – all there for the taking when you rack up points simply by logging in daily.

We wish you all a terrific Fae Yule!

Vigorously hug them! - Dibs
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