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Role-Playing Etiquette Compendium; Part III: Getting Deeper By Elza

Ban Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan Gorm
Ban Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan Gorm
Posted On: 12/08/2012 at 02:02 PM

Disclaimer: I, Dae, by no means adhere to all of these rules. My playstyle is more "go with the flow", but for those who are curious and don't mind a long read...I found this for you! *edited a little to be more PG*


III. Getting Deeper

This next section is for those who have the basics down and are looking to move forward with their RP experience. There are many ways to begin a new RP story, and I'll go through them here.

1. Walk-up RP/Random RP

This one is pretty simple. You see several people chatting over drinks in the tavern, their conversation seems interesting enough, yet you do not know them and they do not know you. How do you go about this? Easy! The same way you would in real life!

/say *Boomer glances over his shoulder at the three men to his left speaking of a new posted bounty.* "Fella's," *He grumbles in their direction.* "I already took that job, so you can stop running your mouths about it. Though, I could use an extra hand taking in the target. Any of you interested?"

As the three men's attention turn to Boomer, he steps nearer to them and engages in the conversation. Hank, Bow, and Jack all target him (Yes, I mean actually click on Boomer and target him directly. I'll explain this more in a later section.). Jack tells Boomer that he is interested in helping him out with taking the target, but he wants a fifty percent cut of the reward. Boomer in turn targets Jack and tells him that isn't going to happen if he is the one taking on most of the risk, using his ship and his equipment. Hank then asks Boomer his name, and Boomer targets Hank and responds sharply.

"The name's Boomer. I usually run silk, but I decided this week to take on something a little less...deadly." Hank responds to Boomer with his own name, and in turn, Jack and Bow introduce themselves to Boomer. Not every introduction will go this easily or in this manner. But, it is an example of walk-up RP.

2. Story-line Based RP

Boomer's "handler's" name is Joe. Joe is friends with Nikki in real life, and she has just decided to get involved with RP. So, Joe and Nikki set down a basic storyline for their two characters to play out. Nikki tells Joe out of character (OOC) that she would like to start a relationship with Joe's character Boomer. Joe agrees and they set about discussing how Nikki's character—named Sela—and Boomer will meet and where they want to take the storyline. When everything is set to basics, the RP begins. Sela and Boomer meet on a vacation to Alderaan, and they spend a few days together.

This is a simple example of storyline based RP. Now, I'm going to get more in depth.

Boomer's clan, "The Dogs," discuss OOC over their chat server that they want to get together and do some large RP that includes all thirty members of their clan being involved. So, after an hour of discussion, they decide to set up an event on their calendar to take down a boss mob, but they will do it in character. The details of the event, times, etc are all set on the clan's website and they wait for the designated time and day. When it comes, all thirty members join up in a group/party/ops and head to the location, conversing in character about what they want to do, how, etc. Boomer's clan leader lays down the rules to the fight and things go on from there.

These types of events are a lot of fun to be involved in and I highly recommend getting involved with them when you see them happen. Large scale RP events are also a great way to learn how to multi task conversations as well as a great way to meet new people to RP with!

3. Private RP

This speaks for itself on most levels. It usually happens between two characters that are close friends or partners. These RP conversations generally take place in /whisper chat or /party chat. There isn't much explaining to do here. If the two parties are friendly, they are less likely to be drastically strict on their RP etiquette. The designated speaking zones are usually established thereafter. Party chat may be designated as in-character discussion, while whisper may be set as OOC discussion. This leaves less confusion and allows for two conversations to be going on at once.

I'm going to state now, I do not plan on discussing ERP as that is a personal thing some choose to do and others choose to not do and this is a PG Guild!

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