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Change in Events for Gma Fog

Bandraoi de na Fhiaigh Bán
Bandraoi de na Fhiaigh Bán
  • GW2: GmaFoghladha.1853
  • ESO: @MAFog
Posted On: 03/09/2016 at 03:57 PM
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  • Twitch

As most of my followers know, I have a shoulder problem and have to cut down my computer time.  I reviewed the attendance to my 3 beginning map clear events and found that only a few show on Wednesday.  Until the shoulder gets better, I am going to take Wednesday off the calendar.  This will also help with the two events scheduled before and after me.  Please try Namrie's Fractal Teaching Group and Jae's Weds. World Boss Train in my absence.  You will have a wonderful time with them too!

When life throws you a curve ball, hit a home run! - Gma Fog
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