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[Profession-Engineer] Agent Oranges' Hybrid Engineer

Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
  • GW2: susulemon.3204
Posted On: 12/04/2013 at 09:21 PM

Here to share a powerful hybrid bruiser build for the engineer :D


I call bruiser the type of player that lies between a bunker , and a glass cannon. In theory a glass cannon should always be good at taking down any other glass cannon fast, or in-experienced players.

Where as a bunker should always be able to survive a glass cannon's assault and wore them off for a win; or force them to retreat.

In MOBA terms, a bruiser is someone that can withstand a good chunk of damage, but also deal them. For instance in LoL, you could say Irelia, or Dr.Mundo, is kind of like a bruiser type. Or any strength attribute hero in DoTA.

Overall I think bruisers are the best team members because of the decent amount of damage and defense they carry; so if you like to be a bruiser this could be for you!



Playstyle Footages:

Rotation Demo1 (me):

Rotation Demo2 (me): 

WvW Demo (Deliria):


General Discussion:

~Play Style~

So the hybrid engineer embraces a play style that uses both power and condition attributes, and in the case of this build, melee to mid-range engagements are optimal.

The build Deliria runs is a bit different than mine, but only so very slightly different , the play style is pretty much the same.

I don't like to call a build, a "condition" build, because in my opinion I want it to be a Power/Condition build. It can't just rely on condition for damage, which I'd only consider useful if you are think of making a bunker, so you can have toughness, vitality (or some kind of healing power stuff) and then condition damage as oppose to PVT...

One major pro about using condition damage is that you are not betting everything on landing all your hits, if you go pure power crit, you usually have to have a rather squishy build with the way stats are allocated on gear, and your biggest fear would be your enemy being too mobile for you to hit. For condition once you land it, it's going to do majority of it's damage without you having to be engaged; it's almost like a mesmer where your phantasms are doing some of the job for you even if you are missing ur own auto-attacks :D


~Not choosing the HGH trait~

I picked protection injection over HGH, for me having regular access to protection is the key between being an actual tanky players, or a pseudo-tank..

I want to save my elixir tosses sometimes to cleanse conditions, therefore on average I can probably only have a permanent 2 stacks of might if I took HGH, which is just too trivial for me.


~Whyyyy Rune of Centaur~

The power and bleed durations are nice, but really I am just taking it for the swiftness; I use the well known trick where if you use a transform potion that let's you de-transform with he heal key bind location, it count as using your heal skill (But don't use med-kit for this , elixir H is the way to gooo for this build). So it's about 15 seconds of swiftness, it's a bit annoying to have to cast every 15 seconds but I think it's well worth it, just put the potion on the top left of your inventory and put the inventory at the bottom right of the screen and it won't be hard to access.

If you are lazy you can consider the Traveler Runes, so you can have permanent 25% speed, I don't think that's a bad option either, just that it's expensive, but the boon and condition duration are pretty nice.


~Whyyyy sigil of Geomancy~

This is more for a sense of style, the animation is kind of cool and I think the aoe 3 stacks of bleed is nice.  But I mean if you rather have the 6 stacks of might with sigil of battle, or extra endurance with sigil of energy I think those are nice too.. :P


~ Dungeons ~

To be DPS effective in dungeons, I strongly suggest you switch elixir B or elixir S to elixir gun, the vulnerability stacks from grenades and the acid bomb nuke from elixir gun is pretty much the two main things that make engineers so efficient in dungeons.



That's pretty much it, hope you guys enjoy the build! It's a very good one!





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