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[Profession-Engineer] Agent Oranges' Flame-throwing Elixir Grenadier

Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
  • GW2: susulemon.3204
Posted On: 09/10/2013 at 12:49 PM


Build detail:





Healing Turret, Rifle, Grenade, Flame Thrower, Elixir Gun, Superior rune of Engineers, Celestial Gears, Grenadier, Fireforged Trigger, Backpack Regenerator, Speedy Kits, Invigorating Speed.


Solo Svanir/Chieftan take down time without using healing skill or ultimate: 25-30 seconds.


It’s been a long while since I played, but I always wanted to post an engineer build back then, so I’d like to share the build I am running right now  :D

I think knowing my play style is important as to decide if it’s even worth reading further into the guide; I am really big on running dungeons and fractals, I have completed all dungeons and reached fractal 29 before I took a break a few months ago. To deal with the massive amounts of damage you can take in dungeons and the massive amount of hp mobs can have, I tend to go for as balanced as possible in terms of damage and survival; and bonus points if I can get team buffs in.

In this case of the engineer, I treat it as a tanky dps role, this means in sPvP and WvW, you are someone that does a lot of damage if left alone, but is also hard to kill, instead of a role of bursting down squishies or charging in to soak up all the damage.


I will go over  a mix of gear, traits and skill choice reasoning. The weapon set and utility skills I choose are Rifle, Grenades, Flamethrower, Elixir Gun and Healing Turret; basically all of them are weapon sets, and the utility lies within.


Go for celestial stats, you have too many heal skills that will benefit from healing power, you need the vitality and toughness to be tanky, and you need the power precision condition damage and crit damage for you grenades, you need them all!!

For the runes, go for a set of superior rune of the engineer, 165 toughness, 57 condition damage and 100 power (5% bundle damage); yes the Divinity runes will give you a bit mores stats, but they are pretty pricey, whereas 7 engineer runes at the moment will cost you less than 1g.

I want this build to be as tanky as possible and as powerful as possible, so a mix of toughness and damage is the best. Some people pick the Dolyak set as their go-to tank runes, well the truth is, Dolyak do pay off if you don’t die within 33 seconds, most rune set have +100 stat or 5% damage bonuses for the 6th rune, for the Dolyak to meet that mark you need 33 seconds to reach a +990 hp threshold which is equivalent to 99 vitality gained; Since I took backpack regenerator already; I went with a more offensive rune set which is the engineer runes. You can pick runes of earth if you really want that extra defensive against physical damage.


Initially I support sigil of fire on the rifle, which is the best dps rune for tanky characters, but now I decided to use sigil of energy instead for the extra dodge every 9 seconds, which I think will be more useful. I don't really like trading the dps for the survivalbility but I think for engineer it's especially important to stick around to deal the maximum potential of damage, disables and team support.




The grenade traits I picked are a must so there is not much to say, I pick 100% to burn so that you’re other kit benefits as well so it’s not ALL about grenades.

Fireforged Trigger ‘s 20% cool down reduction for flame thrower and elixir gun will help you a lot in keeping the fight dynamic and ongoing; as they contain important cc and heals.

Backpack regenerator now scales with healing power and is a must for a tough engineer; you gain insane amounts of vitality, which will reflect well on your vitality and help fight against condition damage.

Speedy kits and Invigorating speed (easy access to permanent swiftness and vigor) is also a must because you can’t allow any moment of slowness in WvW or sPvP;  vigor will compensate for not having protection around if you use it well.


Side Note: Another really good option is to swap Invigorating speed for Protection Injection; most combos in sPvP and WvW will likely have a stun to start off, and in dungeons when you accidently get knocked down is where you will take significant damage as well, so having the protection auto-proc on being disabled will be really really valuable.. I consider taking this over invigorating if you are sticking with sigil of energy.


Food: (You are what you eat!!)

I just go with mango pie ( +70 vitality and regenerates 80hp/s), really cheap on TP and goes really well with your build, the longer you are alive the more of a threat you are, since you don't rely on blowing cool downs but have reusable skills finishing refreshing every moment.



Rifle: (You can't immobilize me, I immobilize you!)


(always try to land your 2 and 4)

3 if you happy to be in safe melee range, 5 if  you want to reposition or do a small chase


 Net Shot is really really valuable for its short cd and immobilization, and Overcharged Shot is extremely important for getting yourself out of being immobilized or interrupting a foe. 3 and 5 do really decent damage if you see room for casting.  Just ask yourself, what other choice can quickly get you out of immobilized ,  chilled and crippled every 15 seconds!

Grenades: (The great damage, the great pain to your arm)


(always try to land your 2 and 4 and the tool belt skill)

3 if you want to spike someone and don’t want them to retaliate, 5 if you think or see them about to heal



Most powerful thing you can have on an engineer, great range, great AoE, great tool belt skill, and ridiculous underwater damage, nothing else compares (For direct damage base play style anyway). With traits you have high direct damage, and reliably apply bleeds and burns for bonus damage. But the KEY is the stacks of vulnerability it applies, it is easy for you to keep 10~20 stacks of vulnerability on your foe with grenades, this is like giving the team a buff of 200~400 extra power, it’s just too useful to have in a dungeon, or group fights.

Problem: No auto-attack, you will break your hands using grenades as a main source of damage. The only solution I can offer at this point is to use fast-cast ground targeting with a combination of a macro that keeps pressing a key for you if you hold the key. For instance I bind the first attack key to my mouse, if I hold the key it will just keep throwing grenades, by not using my left hand to auto-attack I am free to turn around and move while I throw grenades.

~~I will provide a small script here for the program Auto Hotkey:~~


While GetKeyState("F6","p"){

Send {F6}

sleep 300



~~I will provide a small script here for the program Auto Hotkey:~~

F6 is just what I bind my auto attack too, basically the script is saying, if the key is being hold, it will keep clicking itself at a delay of 300ms. You don’t have to feel guilty about running a macro for grenades, it doesn’t give you an advantage other than not harming your muscles.

Flamethrower: (Who doesn't want one on their Eng if it works well :)


(always try to land your 2 and 3)

4 for soft control if you have time, 5 if are in dangerous melee range and want to mitigate 1 attack, or else save it for spiking opponents without being retaliated


Flame blast does significant direct damage and is easy to control now since the recent patches, with its short cool down you’re most likely guaranteed to be able to cast it when you swap to this kit; otherwise you mainly want to use the Airt Blast skill to interrupt/push back foes or projectiles when you swap to this kit, Smoke Vent if you get stunned and have no stun breaker available, or right before you are about to spike someone on down state (this skill is usable when you are disabled). Naplam’s burn and fire field is amazing so cast it if you have time, but don’t have the mentality as a to-do goal when you swap over; keep your focus on skill 2 and 3.

Side Note: Once a while you will need to swap out flamethrower to fit the need of a dungeon, for instance getting elixir U to block projectiles; or rocket boots when you want more mobility in normal PvE events; or right before fighting a boss, you know you can't crowd control the boss much, so having a flamethrower around becomes kind of a waste when you are just facing one main enemy and can easily stick with grenades...etc. This should really be the only kit you ever compromise though :s



Elixir Gun: (Slows others down as you sit in a ring of bliss healing, that's the life)


(always try to land your 2 and 5)

3 if you are SURE they are going to heal, 4 right after you pop the healing turret tool bet skill to trigger the healing field or when you reallllly want to get the heck away from something


Elixir F deals good damage to multiple targets not in one area and cripples them, this is really important in fights because you will land your grenades that much easier. Super Elixir heals a lot and takes away conditions on impact. Always aim to fire your 2 and 5 skills when you swap over, really good for the team and yourself.

4 is really good for repositioning; and a key action is right after you pop your tool belt skill for the healing turret, you can quicly follow up with 4 to trigger the area heal (water field from tool belt and blast finisher from acid bomb)

And finally, the tool belt skill is stun breaker that heals you, this is the only stun breaker you will have in this build, so elixir gun can’t be compromised.


Healing Turret: (Sticks around to help you, baits some attacks away from you, a true bro)


(always use turret overcharge skill instantly after setting your turret down) 


Healing turret is a must for this build because you don’t want to spare extra time throwing an elixir on elixir H tool belt or dropping some bandages with medkit, ain’t nobody got time for that. Instant tool belt cast on healing turret and it’s regeneration boon, condition removal is what we will be wanting out of it.


If you spam the skill you will proc the overcharge skill sooner instead of wait the 3 seconds, so if you want burst healing, drop and spam overcharge, once you see it do the spin then detonate right away, this will give you 3 heals in quick succession. 


If you got the first 2  heals and have enough hp or you only deployed the turret to remove conditions, just pick it up instead of detonating and you take 5 seconds off the cool down.


For a really elaborated heal combo  you can do : Drop turret, cast over charge (3 sec water field), jump shot on rifle (leap finisher heal), detonate (blast finisher heal), turret tool belt (1 sec water field), elixir gun acid bomb (blast finisher) ; this should heal you 10000 without healing power (including the regeneration in btwn); why can't you do this allll the time? Because it does take some time or either jump shot and acid bomb may be on cool down, or if you got stunned. But when you can, you can! :D



Grenades as your main source of damage, and it also boost your whole team’s damage with vulnerability stacks; but always fall back to 2ndary sources of damage if you think you are not going to land the grenades, this build avoided focusing everything on grenades. However, always try to land your freeze grenades as they have large aoe and the cc you need to land more attacks.

Flamethrower , Rifle, Elixir gun as secondary damage and support. Remember rifle immobilize and demobilizes and interrupts, flamethrower interrupts,  blinds and reflect projectiles, Elixir gun cripples, removes condition and heals.

This engineer is really mobile, really tanky, does a lot of damage and has a lot of crowd control; I hope you all can enjoy it as much I am, the dynamic gameplay of it will sure keep you entertained to no end!

Last Edited on: 09/17/2013 at 07:45 PM
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