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Ielenia's Guide to Queen's Gauntlet

Lorgaire de na Capall
Lorgaire de na Capall
  • ESO: @JordMinsc
Posted On: 08/08/2013 at 07:24 PM

So I finally beat the dark lady yesterday with my warrior, and I know many of us are still trying, so I'd like to share my experience. I also repeated some fight with my ranger and guardian. I'll mainly talk about the warrior cuz so far I think warrior is the easiest class to finish this. I'm from China and my English is not very good, I'll try to explain clearly but you still need to guess my meanning :P


Halmi Hammerfell 

This guy is very easy for every class, his normal attack is not deadly and he only have a big-wind attack that will instant kill those who stand in front of him.


Also very easy, every time you attack him he gets bigger and more powerful, so pause your attack after he gets many stacks of buff and wait the buff gone then continue attack.

Windcaller Kieldia 

So some people get trouble fight with this lady, especially engineers cuz they lack stability skills. You need stability skill in this fight, and make sure you MAX your dps, cuz if the fight take long there will be wind all around the ground and you'll fail. Get some bloodlust weapon sigil and join the event below, you can very easy get 25 stacks, then start your fighting , throw all you get to the lady, use your stability skill to get additional dps time, then you can run to the outer side of the ring and pull the lady to where has less wind.

Suriel the Blazing Light 

So this is the final boss of T1 and some people don't know how to damage her. She will summon some black pool on the ground and you can lead her into the pool to clear her shield, then you can damage her. She will also lunch a powerful aoe magic that will instant kill you, so when you see her start channeling the spell, jump into the black pool this will give you a buff that survive the aoe attack, you can also dodge the attack but that's a bit dangerous.


Tyre Ragemaw 

This char guy is very aggressive, and he will make more damage while his HP goes low. So normal attack him at the beginning and save your burst skill and survival skill when his hp gets low, then throw all you got at him.


A easy fight, there will be many yellow balls on the ground and you just walk and eat them, which will give you power up buff and you'll hit like 20k damage with your normal attack when you stack 20+. Just watch the time limit.


I was killed by this guy twice, each time with one shot. He'll summon a fire ring to trap you in, DON'T TRY TO ROLL OUT THE RING! if you roll out he'll one shot you, so stay in the ring, the ring is not too big but still enough for movement to avoid incoming fire. just keep moving and then cycle him.

The crew of the pirate ship Ravenous 

So this comes the last fight of T2 and it's really a tough fight. There are 4 guys to deal with. One healer, one rogue make high damage, one gunner summon aoe attack and one captain can inspire others. when each of them fall, the rest get a new skill. Here is my advice : kill the rogue first (high damage guy), cuz only his attack will make your hp really low. then the captain, then the gunner and finally the healer. The gunner's aoe is easy to dodge, just watch carefully.


Subject 7

Ha...this ooze is quite annoy. Every time you attack he split a small ooze, which will help it dps and heal it. Here you need super high dps, and better use those strong aoe attack to deal with the Subject 7 and the little ooze together. Poison is very useful in this fight cuz it can reduce the hp Subject 7 gained. And if you are running a hammer guardian, you can use hammer 4 skill to knock Subject 7 out of the little ooze, as long as they depart, the little ooze will not heal.

Deadeye Dunwell

I think this is the easiest fight in T3, and I did my rest queen's gauntlet achivement in this guy. There are bombs on the ground you can easily pass them. The boss's normal attack is not high, when he loses 25% of his hp, he'll transport and start to aiming at you with a powerful shot which will instant kill you. When he transport, a line will appear on you to tell you you are marked, you can count 1 second and make a roll. Pay attention, better face the wall or you will roll onto the bomb, and for safety you can roll twice. After that, run to him again and continue dps him, but don't dps too fast, cuz you need to wait your endurance charged, other wise you can't dodge the rest aimming shot.

Strugar and Chomper

These two guys are difficult cuz their normal attack is high and the norn will throw meat, if the dog get the meat it will gain fury. Kill one of them will make the other getting rage. So the key of this fight is ----- rob the meat!!! When you get the meat, you recover some HP and gets damage up buff, but be warned, don't pick "meat on a stick", this will poison you. My advice for this battle: at the start, use your survival skill to reduce the first wave incoming damage or just kite them to get less hit; when the norn throw meat, use some control skill on the dog to make sure you grab the meat before it, then turn back and fight wait for another meat. You'd better deal dps to them both at the same time, make their hp low , then one die, burst kill the other. If you can't make their HP balanced, I suggest you kill the norn first, the dog will get rage, but it can be easily kited, just pay attention when it start to jump high into the air, make a roll to dodge its charging attack.

Liadri the Concealing Dark

Well, lots of people come this far and they all fell down before the dark lady. This fight is extremly difficult, because you can't make any mistake, all the boss skill are instant kill skill.I tried about 50+ times, and I start to getting better and better, and finally when I make no mistake, I win. So I'll talk about this boss in detail.

Part 1 boss skill

Phase 1

dark energy aoe attack: each time will cover 1/4 of the ground, you can dodge it when the magic fall down. warrior's shield block, endure pain guardian's eigis can all block it.

summon dark illusion: the lady will summon up to 4 illusion, these illusion will come for you, and if you are hit by them, instant kill

summon orb ( relic): the lady will summon a orb, after like 3 second, the orb will pull you to it, this is very dangerous if the area is aoe area or there's dark illusion near it. So the relic is always the first priority to destroy, but what make things worse is that, it can only be destroyed with melee attack, I don't know whether this is a bug, but with my warrior's rifle, guardian's scapter, ranger's shortbow and longbow, none ranged attack can destory the relic. this make shortbow/longbow ranger nearly impossible to deal with the boss (you can only use pet attack or longbow 5 to destroy the relic, but pet is too easy to die in the fight and long bow 5 needs chanel) weapon with aoe attack (guardian's staff) can destroy the relic.

white pool:there's white pool on the ground, close to the pool will damage you sligtly. when you pull a dark illusion onto the pool, the pool and the illusion will be destroyed and become a crystal, you need to grab the crystal, this give you a aimming aoe skill ( press 1), aim at the boss and throw the crystal will clear 1 stack of her shield, you need 3 crystal to go into phase 2.

the dark lady: she'll fire Necro hand to you witch hurt like 1k-2k damage

So in Phase 1 you need to 
1.Kill the relic after it appears at once
2.pull the dark illusion onto the white pull
3.grab the crystal and shoot the boss (notice, the crystal has a time limmit, so if one crystal is too far from you or there's other illusion near by, better ignore it and make a new one) the AOE attack and dodge

when you throw 3 crystals at the boss, she start to attack, and she can be damaged, here we goes to phase 2

Phase 2

dark energy aoe attack: the aoe area become 1/2 of the ground, it will strike the half of the ground then the other half, so the best way to avoid is to run inner cycle?keep moving

summon dark illusion: same as phase 1

white pool: same as phase 1 but you don't need to throw crystals to the boss cuz boss don't have too much hp

summon orb (relic): same as phase 1 and this is the main cause of the failure in phase 2 because often you won't notice when it appear and even you see it, you can't kill it with ranged attack. So I'll tell you how I handle this in my warrior strategy.

the dark lady herself

charging attack: the lady will charge at you which causes cripped, this debuff is deadly in phase 2 cuz you may pay more roll endurance and later you are out of endurance and you fail

whirwind attack: when in melee range, the lady will make wirwind attack, so I think melee attack is too difficult for phase 2, you need ranged weapons to avoid damage.

So in phase 2 you need to
1.Kill the relic as soon as it appears
2.Run in the inner cycle of the ground to avoid aoe attack
3.Avoid dark illusions
4.dps the boss 

Part 2  my warrior's strategy.


I mainly wear PPC berserker gear, because the fight has time limit. 

Weapon choice

Rifle:I need to dps the boss in P2 with ranged attack, so I pick my rifle. Rifle 2 can slow her down, rifle 4 and 3 gives good damage, and rifle 5 can hit her back when she get close, more to rifle 5 is that it can destroy the relic cuz it's a aoe melee attack. so in P2 if the relic just appear near you, you just hit it with rifle 5, otherwise you need to change to your melee weapon, if you done this, it's a big shortcut, save you lots of time.

Sword/Shield: Shield is the best way to give you some more chance when you don't have endurance to roll, it can block the aoe attack, it can also block the dark illusion! Sword 2 gives you a leap, that will help you escape the aoe attack when you don't have enough energy.

Greatsword: GS is also a good choice for melee weapon, GS 3 can avoid aoe attack, make a distant move and GS 5 also gives a distant move but be warned, these two movement skill requires accurate control, otherwise you may get yourself in new trouble. So I prefer the shield safety.


I use 10/30/20/0/10 to run this boss

power 10 Restorative Strength I add 10 point to power to increase my attack and mainly for using a healing skill to remove crippled, in the finally time of P2 I use the healing skill and remove my crippled for better movement

arms 30 Furies Speed when did a critical shot get swiftness this will help me in phase 2, because you can't avoid get crippled but if you move fast when crippled it's just like you are normally walking
Crack Shot this is the most important talent for this build, remeber there are illusions on the ground in P2, and if your bullet can't pierce, they will block lot of damage for the boss
Deep Cuts/ Last Chance choose deep cuts for more steady dps or choose last chance to make a burst to end the battle

defense 20 Shield Master reduce the shield stance to 24 seconds, gives you additinal chance to survive
Adrenal health (passive 15 points ) this passive is important cuz it regenerate your health, with the healing signet, you will have no problem in P1 when attack by the boss's normal attack
Dogged March/ Sure Footed you get regenerate when crippled if you choose Dogged March or choose Sure Footed for longer shield stance and endure pain

discipline 10 Warrior's Sprint though this talent only work for melee weapon, I choose it cuz P1 I'm using sword/shield, this gives me better movement and in P2 when I swap to shield it also help me move fast

6-0 Skill Choice

6 Healing Signet: the passive healing is great, you don't need to use this skill only in the final hour use it to remove the crippled and get better movement to win
7 Signet of Might : increase my attack, burst out some damage in the final hour you can also use For Great Justice to combine with rifle 4 and 3 to make a good dps output
8 Signet of Stamina : More endurance, more rolls, more chance to win !
9 Endure Pain : Use it when you can't block and dodge, it's the last chance to survive
0 Signet of Rage : Best choice ever, damage, movement, use it in P2 to end the battle quick.

Part 3 The Combat Process

1. Start the battle, there will be a relic, destroy it
2. boss summon the first dark illusion and white pool (near the boss), pull the illusion to the white pool, get crystal one and throw to the boss
3. boss summon the send white pool (should be far at edge), and there should be 3 illusion on the ground, run to the white pool and stand there wait the center illusion become crystal then grab the crystal, move forward ( cus the 4th illusion will spawn right behind you) and throw the crystal to the boss
4. wait for the second relic spawn, run to destroy it and then pull the illusion to make crystal 3, here you may use signet of rage to get swiftness, pull the other illusion away from the crystal and then rush to grab the crystal and throw to the boss, you may fail do this ( the crystal won't last that long), in this case, be patient and seek chance. But remember, if you can't go into P2 after destroy the relic shortly, you'd better wait for the next relic spawn, deal with it and then go to P2, otherwise if you go into P2 and the relic spawns, it's really hard for you to handle
5. when in P2, the boss will make a whirwind attack in the middle, so make a distance from her, open your movement skill, and focus on the ground. when the aoe comes out, find the white ground, and then start to cycle while swap to rifle to dps the boss
6. keep moving , keep rolling and keep firing.
7. then the relic spawn, swap to shield, and wait for the pull
8. when the relic pulls you, if that's a aoe area, open shield stance to block the aoe, then destroy the relic, then keep moving, swap back to rifle and throw everything you have to the boss

Part 4 Combat Tips

1.Watch your back in P2 because the illusion may spawn just behind you, make a roll or just act endure pain to avoid been hit
2.If there's a relic and you are down, try throw rocks at it, I get rally some times
3.In P2 because you have pierce shot, after you damage those illusions when they touch the white pool and be killed it counts as enemy down, so if you fall down you'll be lucky to rally if some illusion just down
4.Make every advantage you have, farm 25 stacks of bloodlust when you feel you are likely to win, I got once 5% and once 2% and I only regret I didn't do this.


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Ban Fili de na Griobhta Dearg
Ban Fili de na Griobhta Dearg
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Replied On: 08/09/2013 at 11:27 AM PDT
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Nice write up.  I still have to try this out beyond the three confusing attempts at Mr Hammer with a mesmer in confusion.  HA!

Don't mess with Mama Bear, I might hug you too tight. =D
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