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Soulbound Item You Want to Transfer to Another Toon? Here's How:

Tiarna de na Iomproidh Corcra
Tiarna de na Iomproidh Corcra
  • GW2: Ralcore.9354
Posted On: 01/03/2013 at 06:29 AM

So, I decided to post this to help others avoid my frustrating mistake. Listen and learn my friends : )

Backstory: I had two Mad King back pieces that were both soulbound to my main. This was mildly annoying as I would have liked to use the Green one on another toon, but it was still just the lame green one, so I left it in my bank and continued to sport my fancy Flame one. Yesterday however, I became quite bothered upon realizing my soon-to-be-obtained Fractal back piece has a cool graphic I would like to use...on the same character with the Flame Book.

"Boy, it sure would be nice if I could use these darn Mad King back pieces on DIFFERENT characters, stupid Soulbinding..."

So I asked around, and was nicely informed (thanks Aggro) that you could transfer Soulbound skins to Alts with a very simple method: You take your Soulbound item, and you Transmute it with a White quality item of the same type. The item will no longer be Soulbound, and you can now transfer your skin.

Specifically regarding the BACK SLOT however, you will find there IS no back piece to buy which is white or Account Bound. I thought I was beat here, when I recalled the Toy Maker's Bag recently handed out for Wintersday. I have 2, and a PvP one (which does NOT work for this btw), and I remembered noticing they were account bound! Long story short, I WAS ABLE to transmute the Soulbound back item to the Account Bound item (choose the discription for the Account Bound item or it will be Soulbound...just take the skin and sacrifice the stats for now). Simple as that, now your Soulbound item is Account Bound!

*BEWARE* I don't know if it was always like this, but my SECOND Toy Maker's Bag was SOULbound. I may have transmuted it already and messed it up, but it may have been Soulbound from the start, so watch it and choose carefully. My mistake was testing this out on the Green worked, and now my GREEN book (the crappy one) is Account Bound...but the COOL Flame one is still Soulbound with no hope in sight, which is really a bummer.


» Edited on: 2013-01-03 10:27:20

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Saighdiuir de na Capall
Saighdiuir de na Capall
Replied On: 01/03/2013 at 08:33 AM PST

You can do the same thing with other pieces of equipment that you can get with one character but not another such as hoods. There may be some restrictions with that though. I think I recall reading about that in the forums here somewhere.

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Ban Curadh de na Capall Oráiste
Ban Curadh de na Capall Oráiste
Replied On: 01/03/2013 at 12:51 PM PST
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OMG, what an awesome tip! Thank you so much for posting ^_^

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Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
  • GW2: susulemon.3204
Replied On: 01/03/2013 at 01:59 PM PST

a nice way to account bound the fractal capacitor skin ~_~

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Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan
Caomhnoir de na Ulchabhan
  • GW2: Sly Berditzmen.1596
  • ESO: @IzBerditzmen
Replied On: 01/04/2013 at 02:31 PM PST
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  • Extra-Life

Awesome tip! I had no idea this was possible! Can't wait to try it out. but... Just to be safe I'm gonna try it with some garbage first! ;)

“People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” -Winnie The Pooh
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Ban Seaimpin de na Fhiaigh
Ban Seaimpin de na Fhiaigh
  • GW2: SummerRaine.2975
Replied On: 01/16/2013 at 02:05 AM PST
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Wow! Thanks for this!!

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