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What can happen around a Tamriel campfire?

Seaimpin de na Capall Gorm
Seaimpin de na Capall Gorm
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Posted On: 04/18/2014 at 09:35 AM
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"What do you know?!" you hear from the old man setting across the campfire from you. You are startled for a minute because you didn't even see him walk up to your camp. You were distracted. As you slowly turned the rabbit over the campfire, your mind was on the imps and abominations that seemed to appear out of no where as you were riding your horse through the land of Bal Foyen. They attacked you and you slaughtered them. Not really much of a fight for a warrior of your experience. You were distracted because in the fight your horse was killed. 

He startles you again as he goes on, "That's a fair question! It also pertains to everything you think you know." "What if I told you the things you know to be true really aren't..." the old man's voice trails off as he looks to the stars and stares at them for a very long time. In this time you look at him closer and realize that under his ragged cloak, this old man is wearing chainmail that looks like it has seen several battles. You take note of the fact that he has an elegant looking Imperial sword on his left hip and an Orcish short sword on his right. But, he is setting on his pack across from you and is holding his staff with his right hand with the butt of the staff firmly planted on the ground to the side of him.

Suddenly he speaks again while still looking to the stars, "You know of Nirn and how it was created by the Aedra known as Lorkhan. You know that he tricked the other Aedra into helping him by giving up their immortality. You know that Lorkhan's heart was ripped out by Trinimac. You know that Lorkhan is dead." He slowly lowers his gaze until he is looking you directly in the eye. You feel drawn to this old warrior as if he is able to look straight into your soul. He lowers his voice and starts talking again, "Friend, let me share a few truths with you. And, these things I tell you are all truths that you need to hear, whether you believe them or not will be left up to you..." The warrior's voice trails off as he watches you from the other side of the flames that are flickering up from the campfire. You can tell that he is watching your every move. The way you are breathing. The expression you have on your face. It's almost as if he can read your mind.

He starts again, "Immortality is just that. Immortality means that something cannot die. It will last forever. History, and all that you know and believe to be true, was written by the one that held the pen. Their own views and prejudices are found through out the lore of the world. All you have to do, to see that, is to read a history book from each of the races about the same major event. You might find that the telling of history is similar but it will never be that same because each race has it's own view of the event. I tell you this to let you know that Lorkhan is not dead!" As he says the last word, his eyes start to give off a very faint glow.

Before you can react or even try to sort out what was just said, the old warrior stands quickly and grabs his staff. Two flaming portals appear, one to the east, one to the west about twenty feet from your camp. Through each of the portals step several imps, abominations, and twisted monstrosities. Without a word the warrior slams his staff to the ground and all of the attackers to the east are incased in ice. You set mesmerized as you watch him swipe the staff in front of him with his right hand and throws his left hand into the air. Suddenly, the frozen Daedra monstrosities, except the large flesh abomination, burst into thousands of small shards of ice when a lightning bolt blasts into them. The flesh golem starts to lumber forward. With his left hand the warrior throws something at the golem that sticks in it's chest. He then yanks his hand back and the golem is dragged straight into the warriors waiting grip. The warrior lifts the golem into the air and breathes flames that burn the golem to ashes. You see the portal to the east slowly close and you hear a slow menacing laugh that appears to be coming from everywhere at once.

The old warrior standing before you is silent. He still holds the staff out before him with his right hand. You watch as opens his hand and the staff starts to fall to the ground. Before the staff hits the ground, the dangerous veteran has drawn both swords and leaps the entire distance to the front imp that came out of the western portal. The imp doesn't even have time to realize it is doomed before it's head is removed from it's shoulders. The warrior's blade dance is a dance of destruction for the enemies in front of him. In a matter of seconds, you watch him eliminate all of the intruders and are slightly terrified as you watch him apparently draw the life out of the last remaining foe and suck the life force into his own body. As the last foe shrivels and falls to the ground, the western portal closes.

The warrior sheathes his swords and starts walking back to the campfire. You see a much larger portal appears before you. You hear a guttural scream that comes from no where, "I'm tired of these games. I am going to finish you here and now!" As the portal finishes materializing, three giant-sized monstrosities step through. One of them looked like a small dragon-kin that had a long sword in each hand. One had the upper body of a naked maiden holding a large spear but from the waist down it was a large snake. The last monster appeared to have the torso of a man but the body of a large crab-like creature. The trio slowly fanned out and circled the warrior.

The battle started when the dragon-kin leaped at the warrior. The sparks from the swords as they battled lit up the night as if the stars had fallen to Nirn. The snake creature circled behind and looked as if she were about to spear the warrior. Suddenly, the warrior turned and hurled a bolt of light that hit her in the middle of the chest. She sank to the ground awkwardly, the last thing her eyes saw was the gaping hole blown completely through her. The warrior's victory was only short lived though. The crab monstrosity knocked him to the ground with one of his large claws. The warrior was quickly back to his feet but he took several hits from the dragon-kin. You can't help but think, "I've got to help him. He's going to die. He can't survive this." You grab your sword and rush to his side. When you get to his side, you engage the Dragon-kin beast with furious slashing attacks that cause it to turn away from the warrior. You quickly realize how foolish of an act that was. You are stabbed and cut across your stomach within a matter of seconds. You fall to the ground and look up at the warrior. The warrior looks at you and then looks into the sky and shouts, "ENOUGH!!!" He raises his arms and drops them strongly. The area around you and him become so bright that you think he has drawn the sun down around you. You think how can one man have this much power. The warrior's sunburst turns the remaining two foes to dust. You smile knowing that you gave the warrior time to win the battle. You feel at peace because you know you have saved a true HERO.

The warrior kneels beside you and places his hands on your stomach. You feel warm energy flow through you. The energy circles out around you until it is a large circle that takes in your entire campsite. Then the glow disappears. The warrior stands and reaches a hand down to you to help you up from the ground. You look over your arms and legs and open the gash in your shirt to look at your stomach. You are completely healed! You look at the warrior in shock as he walks over to the campfire and takes a small bite from the rabbit you had over the fire.

He motions for you to come back and take your seat by the fire. As you set down, you look at him at the warrior. You can't help but notice that while he still appears to be old, he doesn't look as old as he did before the fighting started. He stares back into your eyes and says, "Thank you for your help, friend. What was your name?" He waits for your response. "Ah, what a fine name. It will go down in the history books beside mine. Who am I you ask. We'll I'm known by many names. Shezzar, the Trickster is probably the one I have heard the most lately. However, I prefer for all of my friends to call me Tricks.  Now, where were we..." he says as he takes another bite from the roasted rabbit. He continues "Ah, yes....What do you know about Lorkhan?" 



I wasn't sure where to put this at. I hope continue to explore the story of Lorkhan, if there is interest from the community

I hope you liked.

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Curadh de na Fhiaigh
Curadh de na Fhiaigh
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Replied On: 04/18/2014 at 10:53 PM PDT
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nice read! you might consider posting it in your blog also so it's streamlined :)

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