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Character Background: Varis Indaram

Posted On: 02/17/2014 at 11:23 AM

First Name: Varis

Last Name: Indaram

Age: 23

Day job: Blacksmith

Skeleton in his closet: Daedra cultist

Armor: 4 Heavy / 3 Light

Weapon of Choice: Claymore

Class: Battlemage


Varis grew up in a most humble life on the island of Solstheim. He was one of a few Dunmer families who inhabited the island with The Nords. Though they were different races, the children seemed to accept each other all the same, and in doing so hunted together from a young age. As time went on; Varis learned to blacksmith, and started creating fine nordic armor for his friends and clan-mates. These goods were so fine, that one day a group came to him and asked if he could invent a kind of armor to fit a lycan's form. Varis was no stranger to these creatures, as he often prayed to Hircine, then again... everyone on the island prayed to Hircine. Varis was unsure, but set out to complete the task all the same. After creating a crude set of armor, that wasn't quite functional, the pack was pleased with his work. They were so pleased, in fact; they invited Varis to join them and become one. Varis said he would need time to think on the matter, which caused their leader to grow unwary and curse Varis's name. Not long had passed before they demanded he either join, or be killed. He harbored no ill-will to Hircine's gifted, but if Varis was to change; then it would be on his own terms and not from the threats of a brute. Varis quickly ran home and prayed, but this time to Azura. The man's mother had set up a shrine in their house before he was born, and she taught him that Azura was the one who would guide their family. She gave him a vision that very night; warning him to take his kin, and flee to Mournhold. Though only his mother accompanied him, Varis made sure to leave the next day. Though his mother informed him of "The City of Lights" along with various legend that their people had, he had little to know knowledge of what it was to be a Dunmer. This shamed him, and upon arriving it was more in his face than ever before. The lack of fair-skinned nords actually made him feel uncomfortable, and for a long time he had trouble gaining anyone's friendship or trust. With that said, it was still easy enough for a blacksmith to make a living within the city walls. After living within the city for a couple years, Varis was introduced to a group of Dunmer Cultists who promised him that they could show him the true meaning of being born Dunmer. The boy willingly accepted the offer and soon was opened to a world he was not ready for.


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Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach Donn
Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach Donn
Replied On: 02/17/2014 at 12:15 PM PST
  • Steam

Well our back stories are bit different. Not worried though your daedra cultist buddies will probably try to kill you so guess it wont matter, but it fits that you hate werewolves, my character is a vampire bounty hunter, well is a wanna be anyway. I bet the game makes any thoughts we have irrelavent. As a Dunmer we should start in the same place. 

Hit me up on raidcall XXX is my callsign. Seems like we could swap resources to as I will need jute and u ore. 




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