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Templar healer - Virole

Seaimpin de na Faolchu Buí
Seaimpin de na Faolchu Buí
  • ESO: @Virole
Posted On: 11/26/2016 at 12:57 PM

Sir Vale and other know I like to /sitchair in fights to say this is to easy.  When I'm not relaxing in a chair while my HoTs do all the work, I'm flipping bars and acting as a third dps pulling around 15k on most bosses.
What this guide is and is not.
This guide is a healing Magicka Templar that performs very well in solo and four man dungeons.  To date with this build I've completed all four man content including veteran dragon star and the most difficult solo content vet maelstorm.  This build brings a lot of extra dps to groups in dungeons, around 15k on bosses.  It is also excellent for leveling and solo play.  This is not a step by step guild with specific gear and rotations.  It leaves a lot of flexibility for personal preference.  
This guide is not for pvp.  I've not tested this build in trials but I'm confident it will perform and excel with a few modifications to your damage bar.
The attributes:
All Magicka
The skills:
Bar one: damage bar
1) Reflective light/ radiant oppression -. I swap out these two based on activity.  Dungeons and group content I like to have the execute.  Grinding and solo play reflective light servers me better.   Why reflective light.  Hits multiple targets but it actually does not damage.  The duration is shorter, I know but the initial hit does more damage.  More casting, more initial hits.
2) Flex spot/ elemental blockade -. If you use the destruction staff, elemental blockade is a no brainer.  If you prefer dual wield, you can flex this with radiate oppression, purifying light, or any situational skill.   I recommend elemental blockade because it will get grothgar procing and attacks from your destro staff will help with Magicka management.
3) Puncturing Sweep-. One of the best spammable attacks in the game.  Your focus on spell crit and damage plus your healing bonuses will make this op.
4) Luminous shards.  Decent area damage with a stun for trash.  Helps mitigate incoming damage unless your group burns down the trash.  The real reason to carry this though is the synergy.  Dps and tanks can use it to replenish Magicka and stamina.  Throw it often.
5) Inner light.   Just having this on your bar gives you a bunch of spell crit, 7% more Magicka with the Magicka controller passive and 2% more Magicka Regen.  You can use this to empower ultimates as well.  If this isn't one both bars you need to take a strong look at why.
Ultimate- flexible.  Meteor, warhorn, destro ultimate
Bar two-. Healing awesomeness
1) Breath of life (BoL)- one of the Templar healer main stays, if anyone is below 60%.  Hit it.  No other class has anything like this.
2) Rapid regen-. Rapid or mutagen.  It's your preference, I don't like mutagen procing it’s heal and dropping off.  If I'm healing through burst damage, I'll use BoL.  When I put rapid on someone I know how long it’s going to be there and when to recast.
3) Ritual of retribution-. Trials or PvE may call for extended ritual but I run ret.  More damage ticks for adds and procing grothgar.  You can use channeled focus if you're having Magicka issues.  Both proc sacred ground so both is unnecessary.  Ritual provides a much larger area so it's easier to keep the major mending buff in mobile fights.
4) Healing springs- because reasons… use with rapid Regen and ritual of ret to keep people alive. BoL it's a heal it's an emergency button. 
5) Inner light- above
Ultimate – panacea.  The tooltip is misleading.  It seems the healing is group wide while the morph bonuses are limited.  Has ample time to test this on the final boss in vdsa.  This ultimate heal is superior to the Templar class healing ultimate but it doesn't lock you in place.
Make sure you get all your class and weapon passives, all the light armor passives, get heavy armor passives that increase health and resists when you can.  Mage guild passives for Magicka controller and might of the guild.  Fighters guild ultimate from killing undead vampires and werewolves. Undaunted passives as they become available.  Soul Magic passives, legerdemain, db, thieves guild, as you see fit.
Gear:   I run 5 julianos,3 willpower ( jewelry), grothgar head and shoulders, and maelstorm and vdsa weapons.  Divines where you can get them.  5 light /1 med /1 heavy.
-  If you don't have or don't want to get those weapons run two torgs pact swords on your damage bar or just any old gold resto/destro staff. 
- If you don't like grothgar you can run a one piece kena and a 5 piece set of your choice on head,jewelry weapons.  
-If you're not good with potions look at rattlecage or if you want more crit maybe mother's sorrow.  The build isn't real strict with its gear set up.
Mundus-. Thief
Food-. Health/Magicka Regen from wrothgar


I'm not going to cover CP's because they are pretty flexible.  In red, you'll want to get the flat resists in hardy and elemental defender after you get atleast 30 in quick recovery.  For green, you'll want to max out Magician with the rest in arcanist and a few in tenacity.  Blue, is a little more difficult because it depends on if you want more damage or more pure healing.  I recommend at least 50 in blessed and 75 in elemental expert.  Spell erosion will help a lot with damage while Elfborn will give you bigger heals.  Mix them up as fits your playstyle.


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