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Community Update - December 2019 - The Future of the Westweg Alliance

Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
  • GW2: Foghladha.2506
  • ESO: @Foley
Posted On: 12/19/2019 at 12:19 PM
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Call to Arms!

Greetings Warriors! I write to you today as you once called our house home in Conqueror's Blade. We have some pretty major changes coming to our houses and I wanted to make sure you all know whats going on and how to get involved. This will be the first and the last time I write to you about Conqueror's Blade. If you are no longer interested in the game simply disregard this message.

What's Changed in Conqueror's Blade

Since the launch of the game we've seen new units be added (Rattan Army, Nomads, Mercenaries, etc). We've seen new PvE and PvP content added on an aggressive schedule. We've seen weapon balancing that has reduced the effectiveness of some of the overpowered classes and boosted some of the lesser weapons into relevancy.

Today, Season II launched bringing new rewards to houses for owning land. On the horizon is the fight for the Conqueror's City.  New NPC run houses now randomly declare war on fiefs bringing with them their arsenal of free agent players to siege your cities. Things have improved quite a bit for Conqueror's Blade and they have a clear aggressive schedule of content releases bringing new content to the game every month.

Here's an article I just published outlining the various game modes in Conqueror's Blade.

The Westweg Alliance

About 4 months ago we took over control of Westweg. Tuatha since launch has been plagued with having too many people requesting to join and not enough slots to put them in. This left us with a constant waiting list for players to get in. The reason Tuatha is so hot is that it shows up at the start of the guild finder list. Our original concept was to have all our Tuatha kin in the Tuatha however we have since changed the focus of that particular house to be a training center for new players. As of the new year, we are pushing a new plan into effect to help us create a singular 300 person alliance that acts as a single house. Like what we have done in the past in Warhammer Online. 

Let me outline the new member flow.

New Members (Tuatha)

House Tuatha will be used to attract new players to our community. It will have a 7-day AFK rotation and will not own territory. We will use the lure of weekly payouts to attract players to migrate to Gaiscioch and ArachDubh. The Goal of house Tuatha is to introduce people to our community and move them to either house as quickly as we identify them as a person who is sticking around.

Registered Members (Gaiscioch)

Members who have registered at will be welcome to join House Gaiscioch. This house will be the frontrunner of our alliance and require registration to join. Gaiscioch will be taking relentless control of Westweg. Gaiscioch will only start rotating when it is full and will rotate the people who have been out of the game the longest to invite the new request. We have 100 slots in this house so it will be a while before we fill up. 

Unregistered Members & Alts (ArachDubh)

Members of House Tuatha who have earned 500 or more prestige will be welcomed to the ArachDubh (Black Dragons). This house will own Mainstadt and be our home for long term non-registered members and alts of members. When it fills all 100 slots we will begin rotating our inactive characters (including alts) based on when they were last played. 

Community Focus

Come the first of the year our Community (all 3 houses) will focus on upgrading Westweg to at least Tier 8 as quickly as possible. Once Westweg reaches tier 8 we will begin Maintaining Westweg while focusing on raising Mainstadt's level. With the new influence system the higher ranked your fief the more influence we gain. When the Conqueror's City launches we want to be in a strong position to be able to take part in those battles. The more influence we have the better the rewards we gain. Getting our fiefs to higher levels will greatly benefit our community. 

Territory Wars

A major change that people need to know about is that Territory Wars have changed what time they happen at. They now take place every Tuesday and Saturday at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. This is great news as most of our community is on the east coast and hasn't been able to participate. With the new Legion System, we can expect to be randomly attacked by PuGs. It will be imperative that people do what they can to defend our fiefs during these times. If someone touches Mainstadt or Westweg it will be game on and we will go to war with them. But until that happens we have arranged a peaceful alliance with both warring nations that are seeking to take over all of Osteria. Either way, the ball falls we are being given Westweg and Mainstadt to care for.

Get Involved

We are looking to rally as many Gaiscioch as possible for the upcoming wars and encourage everyone to give Conqueror's Blade a try. Season 2 brings with it a lot of improvements and balancing changes. I strongly feel that you might be impressed with the passion these developers are pouring into it. In addition, chances are we may see some Celt/Norse themed troops soon. It's been a big talk on the influencer discord and seems to have some traction. Come give it a try and put a request to join "Gaiscioch" when you get in.

For the rest of December, it will be Drill Mode on all Territory War times which means we can attack anything and everything until the new year without repercussions. Any events I can be at we will be rallying up and going on the hunt. I will be out of town the week of Christmas but will be able to lead the next week. This is a great opportunity to farm a lot of silver vs AI opponents and practice taking our two villages.

"It's not the loot and accolades you walk away with, it's the memories and friendships that you cherish forever." - Foghladha
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