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This Is What It Must Feel Like To Be Competent

By: WilliamBrandis

So, tired again so not going to put a lot of effort into this:

I was trying to figure out what to play tonight because there was a rift event and this gw2 event. The gw2 event sounded like you had to actually be good at playing the game which made me hesitate. The other event was rift and I basically wrote a macro that plays my character in that game so figured that would be easy.

But then I wanted to make a level 1 rogue and level it in wvw because....I don't know why actually I just thought that would be a good idea.

EDIT: I remember why now, because I wanted to actually be playing HZD but my playstation doesn't get here until tomorrow so instead I went to play guild wars but I thought it would be cool to play that instead.

Anyways I login and then get distracted because I am a scribe and was like "oh I never went to our guild hall I'll go there" so I went there and started to look around. Then I got an invite from smitty to join the group so figured it couldn't be that high quality of a team if I'm getting an invite.

Anyways we go to wvw and start doing stuff, and smitty is using these things called tactics. So instead of like running away while spamming 1, you go left. Just keep going left. LEFT LEFT LEFT. The enemy then goes 'well, they went left we ded' and then you win.

I mean seriously, the number of times we went left and completely destroyed the enemy was redic. Like at first I was like 'how are they going to fall for this' but like, smitty knows his wvw and apparently everyone is left-blind (right-blind?). So like, yeah it was very effective.

Then at one point we finally came across an enemy we knew we could crush. We started building siege weapons and were like, completely dominating the battlefield. But we still lost and that is when we realized we were attacking our own keep.

Then we went to dessert map and ate cake and then got killed and then we went home and I got nothing else funny to say and now work is interrupting me so the end.

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