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Stonefalls Conquerors

By: Eiahn

As we swept across the rugged terrain housing the Crows Court, no foes could resist the sudden influx of twirling blades, fire-spitting staves, air-splitting arrows and all around unstoppable force that was the Gaiscioch Group that night. Without fear nor hesitation, they made their way through, like if it was their own backyard playground, taking no prisoners and only leaving dust clouds and remains in their wake. Some skills were owned by some courageous warriors, who braved 8 legged horrors, flying nightmares, growling mobs of sharp teethed creatures and heaps of unnameable foes, to accomplish a common goal.

As the proud warriors, mages, blades of the night and templars made their way toward a new horizon, they refused to back down when faced with enemies that did not have a care for their own lives. Working as a well-oiled war machine, they conquered the dark anchors of Molag Bal, defeated monsters that are the center pieces of so many children nightmares and proudly displayed their common intentions of righting the wrongs and ensuring the total inhalation of evils, without leaving a single doubt in their foes mind as they drew their last breath, that they never even stood a chance.

We stayed together throughout this adventure and tonight we stand proud as we shout: WE are Stonefalls Conquerors! Together we stand!