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Running Around The Low Level Dungeons

By: Donaliam

The Time, The Rewards, and The just Plane Fun

So I am level 40 or higher why would I want to go back into Realm of the Fae on normal mode? Well there is a nice feature that rewards the high level player for going through the lower level dungeons. When you run these lower level dungeons using the random looking for group tool and completed the dungeon, you get s blue chest the rewards you for your assistance.

I have run many lower level dungeons on my 38 mage and I have to say some of the gear you can get out of that chest is pretty good. Plus the 7700 exp bonus I get is nice too. Last night I ran Deep Strike Mines 5 time in about 1 to 2 hours time. The gear I got out of the chest was so-so for me but exp was great. Brought me very close to 39.

I personally don't mind taking any of my higher level toons through the lower level dungeons and just blow through them in 10 minutes or less. It is relaxing.