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New Gaming Rig For Louhi (to Enjoy Gaming On).

By: Louhi

The old gaming rig are 8 years old now, so it´s time to build a new one (for use at least 6-8 years). Today the old rig has as follow: ASUS Maximus III Extreme Mobo with 24 Gb DDR3 memory, i7 930 2,80 Ghz CPU, ASUS GTX 780 graphic card, SATA HDD. (I have only made some small upgrades over the years).

New gaming rig.
This rig shall be ready at the end of this year…… (It will probably “for normal consumers” as me, (lol) end up on the top range of gaming rigs, aka “overkill” and it´s so costly so I can only afford one part every month or must wait to next month to buy next item, it will take me a long time to build this rig, but I can wait).

- First out, was the new chassis: The ”Godzilla” a Super-Tower chassis. This is due to the 27.2" height, the 9.9" width and the 25.6" depth. (Corsair Obsidian 900D chassis). LOL, it´s huge!
Then, what Mobo? Well, I have upgrade my old model to the new IX model! Why not? It´s a water-cooled motherboard.
My choice when I shall put in more memory, have given me a problem, what memory can stand tall for the next 6-8 years? I think it´s going to be a set of G.Skill memory.
- Now I got them, the G.Skill TRIDENT Z 3200 -CL14 will do the work for me, and they are looking good. :) Let´s see what the are made of, later.

Watercooling, 1 or 2 loop? (Mobo and graphic card) 12V or 24V? The only thing that I´m sure about are that will be a Laing D5 system. Time will tell.
Got Monsoon EV2 compression fittings and PETG hardline tubing (black) for the piping work so far.

PSU? 1200 or 1500W? Digital? Platinum Plus 80?
Fans? With low dB noice! Noiseblocker?

Looking for a new and "better" mouse. Until now, I have use both a MAD CAT R.A.T.7, little to short for me and a ROG - SPARTHA.
Sry to say, but it stop working, after 50-70 min, every day I have us it, the last 2-3 weeks.
SPARTHA is perfect in my hand, but I can´t trust it any more, stop working in a middle of a Rift or a boss fight or. . . . lol. (Yes, I use cable on it).
Can a RAZER - OUROBOROS or a MIONIX - NAOS 7000 be a better option? Must find a shop were I can lay my hand on them and testing and more testing.

More information follow, as the build going forward.

Last update: 05-26-17

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