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Level 8 Tempest Island: How Not To Die At Low Level...

By: Jairone

How not to die at low level? It's fairly easy. First, when the group pulls hold block. You can survive the first attack from an archer this way. Make sure you stay back, but still close to the group. When fighting Bosses and Storm Atronach, use a ranged attack and then hide behind a wall... in the case of the Storm Atronach boss hide across the bridge. When fighting against the lightning circle guy (second boss) just run away from the circle. Don't try to sidestep it, run away!

Thanks to the wonderful people who allowed me to be silly on my alt! *I got silly, and died to an archer by fighting it as an 8 against a 31. I also died to the circle, as I was sidestepping instead of running. Learn from my mistakes!*