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Keani's Tale

By: Kelda

Keani has been through many changes since 2001. Beginning in DAOC as Kelda, a Thane of Midgard, she worked hard to achieve RR 10. She was GM of a guild for five of the seven years in Midgard. Time moves on and Kelda moved to Warhammer and to Aion and then to LOTRO, always reinventing herself sometimes as a healer, but mostly as a dps. She was never alone as her rl husband partnered with her. Kelda finally came to RIFT in 2011 with some good friends and her rl husband and daughter. The friends got very busy and became inactive. Kelda, now reinvented as Keani, started to investigate other guilds. Along with Gilis (husband) and Skillerz (daughter), she is proud to be a new member of Gaiscioch. Gaiscioch embodies the philosophy Keani has always believed in. She looks forward to being a part of this guild.