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Friday Night Drops with Foghladha
Conqueror's Blade     11
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Random 4 Sorcerer Awesomeness In AC.

By: Jairone

It wasn't what I expected. I'd heard some people asking for help with a dungeon run, needing one more person. I'd thought they were talking about Spindleclutch, and I had no doubt we could succeed there. Instead, I found myself heading to Arx Corinium, and had a vague sense of dread. How many of us would walk away from this?
And yet, maybe to reward us for the bravery of running into a dungeon without a tank, or maybe just due to solid teamwork, we managed to overcome the challenges before us. Wise use of summons, heals, and just not standing in stupid places made it more or less an easy day in spite of the dangers waiting for us.
Still, I am left perplexed. These strange spirit women kept talking to us in another language. I recognize it, but am certainly not fluent. Maybe one day I will figure out what they meant...

Friday Night Drops with Foghladha
Conqueror's Blade     11
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