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Guide To The Liniments

By: Donaliam

This is a list of the Liniments, their buffs and the Ingredients used to make them. All Liniments require level 40 to use, 200 Apothecary to and last only 30 minuntes. When making the liniments the bottle you use doesn't make any difference but be sure to use either 1 Majestic Fusk (Multiplier) and 2 Pristine Arboreal Resin Stabalizer or 2 Taut Gobswort (Multiplier) and 1 Pristine Arboreal Resin Stabalizer. At this time the duration of the liniments cannot be increased.

Liniment Name

Liniment Buff

Main Ingredient

Main Ingredient
Found by...

Liniment of Boundless Sight

Wounds and initiative increased by 60

Primal Vision


Liniment of Immutable Defense

+20 to Health Regeneration
Reduce incoming Critcal damage by 10%

Primal Strength


Liniment of Inexorable Aegis

All Resists increased by 180

Primal Defense


Liniment of Inspirational Winds

+60 Willpower
+50 to healing power


Violetseal Seed*

Liniment of Peerless Defnese

+60 to Toughness
Reduces chance to be Critically hit by 5%

Primal Grace


Liniment of Quickened Blades

+60 to Weapon Skill
+5% to Armor Penetration

Primal Aclarity


Liniment of Swift Tergiversation

+60 to Weapon Skill
Reduces Chance to be Critically hit by 5%

Primal Nature


Liniment of The Eternal Hunt

+ 60 Ballistic Skill
+5% to Critically Hit with Ranged Attacks


Nightshade Seed*

Liniment of The Inevitable Tempest

+60 to Strength
+50 to Melee power

Crimson Monkshood

Crimson Monkshood Seed*

Liniment of The Tolling Bell

+60 Intelligence
+5% to Critically Hit with Magic Attacks


Azurethread Seed*

Liniment of Unfettered Zeal

+60 Strength
+50 to Healing Power

White Baneberry

White Baneberry Seed*

Liniment of War: Demise

+60 to Wounds
+50 to Melee Power

Primal Calling



Bloodnettle Seed*

Liniment of War: Fervor

+60 Wounds
+5% to Critically Hit with Ranged Attacks

Primal Frenzy


Liniment of War: Genius

+60 Wounds
+5% to Critically Hit with Magic Attacks

Black Serissa

Black Serissa Seed*

Liniment of War: Hunger

+60 to Wounds
+60 to Strength

Primal Hunger

Golden Serissa


Golden Serissa Seed*

Liniment of War: Mercy

+60 to Wounds
+50 to Healing Power

Primal Afinity

Pale Serissa


Pale Serissa eed*

*Note These are the Rare Blue seeds that drop off of T4 hero mobs, which one I am not sure of. The drops are very very rare.

If you find any other Liniment and want to have added to the list let Donaliam know.