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End With The Wicked WICKED

By: Louhi

One way how to end the road of leveling the WICKED minion.
This way cost a little, let say around the cost of 1 REX and you will finish it in half the time or less. Just follow these simple rules.
Only look at the STAMINA bar, when it hit 7, start to follow this road to the end (25).
ONLY play without any auto-program for minions. ONLY play with 1 min cards.
Let the WICKED get full stamina, let say 7/7.
When playing with the WICKED, that’s no problem to play Harvesting or Life or both, they give the same result 225 MXP (only different are the loot, later when hit 25).
Well, started with 7/7, run down to 0/7 (you must use the other minions card to get the right card for WICKED). WAIT until 1 new stamina is up, then run that also to zero stamina! Then comes the magic trick.
First: Use the button at the bottom and get 30 new STAMINA, refill the WICKED card, up to max (30) STAMINA, Wicked has less to fill, cost 117 credit, I think. (Click the X on the WICKED card).
Second: Use the stamina again, from 8/8 down to 0/8 etc.
Third: Now, have to wait 24 h, then start again.
At level 13, you shall have about 10 Stamina, that is 10 + 10 (+1) stamina to work with.
Run WICKED 21 times with 1 min card/daily, that’s a forced leveling of that minion.
(With 14 Stamina, that is 14 + 14 (+1) Run WICKED 29 times with 1 min card/daily)
With 8 stamina 17 times x 225 MXP = 3825 MXP /daily (about lvl 10)
With 10 stamina 21 times x 225 MXP = 4725 MXP /Daily (about lvl 13) (about from here: 1 lvl/day, so far)
With 11 stamina 23 times x 225 MXP = 5175 MXP /Daily (about lvl 16)
With 12 stamina 25 times x 225 MXP = 5625 MXP /daily (about lvl 18)
With 13 stamina 27 times x 225 MXP = 6075 MXP /daily (about lvl 21)
With 14 stamina 29 times x 225 MXP = 6525 MXP /daily (about lvl 23)

(Sunday today and the last day and the last hours of life, for my "Wicked" card) The WICKED card, R.I.P, will not miss you!

Good to end, that wicked WICKED


Last updated: 5.07.2017

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