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An ORvR Night That Wont Be Forgotten

By: Donaliam

It was the Battle for Badlands Season 3 kickoff. It was in tier 1 and it reminded me of what oRvR was like when the game first launched. Just masses v masses or as most call it, zerg v zerg. The whole night was a tug of war. Order would push and take everything, then destro would push. What was really fun for me was going through alt-itus and twink-itus. I switched between 4 different characters last night just for the fun of it. Started with a Knight, then went to a Witch Hunter, followed by a Shadow Warrior then ending the night with a newly created Bright Wizard. Clearly I have an alt problem ;) Listening to everyone in vent just having a great time. This is what Battle for Badlands is all about. Fun Memories. I look forward to then next event.