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SirHenryVale's Map Clear: Morrowind/Summerset Daily Quests Run

Game Level Requirement Host Next Event Event Type
Elder Scrolls Online None SirHenryVale Saturday, Jan. 27 at 12:00PM - 5:00PM PST Recurring Every 28 Days


We will do the 4 dailies in Morrowind and Summerset Isles (multiple times if possible) like we do for the Undaunted, Mage, Fighter Guild Dailies.


Morrowind Expansion and started the Vivec Main story questline and open the Ashlander Daily quest line. Please ask for more details if you haven't started these.

Past Events

Date Event Score
2018-10-07 Morrowind/Summerset Dailies 75
2018-08-12 Morrowind Dailies 140
2018-05-06 Morrowind Dailies 125
2018-04-08 Morrowind Dailies 170
2018-03-25 Morrowind Dailies 125
2018-02-25 Morrowind Dailies 140
2018-01-14 Morrowind Dailies 110
2017-12-31 Morrowind Dailies 65
2017-12-03 Morrowind Dailies 65
2017-11-19 Morrowind Dailies 41

Scores Are Calculated Nightly At Midnight.

Signed Up:

Member Available Characters

Notice: Signing Up for an event does NOT guarantee inclusion. This is a RSVP stating that you are available for the event if needed. Certain events require certain classes, builds, and equipment to successfully complete. Please contact event leader before the event and be present before the time of the event for best results.

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