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Join The Final Fantasy XIV Social Adventure

You've decided to join us with others in an official GSCH Social Adventure! Wonderful! From the moment you join you will begin earning game experience by playing this game with others. As you increase your experience you will gain Game Levels. There are 50 levels to collect in each game. Are you the master of this game? Only time will tell!

GSCH Social Adventures do not require in game guild membership to take part in. You can be a part of any guild on any platform. The "GSCH" Guild is simply setup to allow players an easy way to connect with one another. To get a in game guild invite please fill in the information below. If you do not need an invite to the In Game guild feel free to skip this by clicking "Join Adventure" below.

GSCH Social Adventure Vitals:

  • Server: Balmung
  • Platform: PC

Membership Information:

In Game Name (Primary Character):

Special Instructions:

There is no official in game guild. This adventure acts as a social circle only.

If you play on a different server with family let Soren know and I will add your info here. This weeks Dev letter has confirmed cross server Duty/Raid finder will be added, so as long as we all play on the same data center we can all raid together from my understanding. Will update as more information is released.

Balmung - Aether Data Center
FC: GSCH  Contact: Soren (IGN: Soren Shepard )
LS: Social Adventures  Contact: Izzy

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