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Céad Míle Fáilte
(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Welcome traveler, I would like to welcome you to the humble home of the Gaiscíoch (Pronounced: Gosh-Kia) Family and Tuatha Social Gaming Community. Our family began as a social gaming community in the industry pioneering MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. We began on the Nimue server on November 11th, 2001, with a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable community for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Gaiscíoch takes it's name from the Irish legends found within the "Cét-chath Maige Tuired", "Lebor Gabála Érenn", and "Cath Maige Tuired" which chronicles the first people of Ireland the Tuatha de Danann. Specifically the First Battle of Moyturna where the Tuatha de Danann hand picked the most honorable and loyal warriors to fight along side the Celtic gods in a battle against the Fir Bolg. These Warriors were known as the Gaiscíoch.

With our roots firmly attached in the Celtic Mythological Cycle, the Gaiscíoch hold honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship. Today the Gaiscíoch family spans many games, sports, and social circles.

We are a social casual gaming community with a relaxed approach toward gaming. We allow our members to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want and do not constrict them with quotas or requirements. It is through gaming, athletic competition, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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Thursday, July 2nd, 2015

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Knights Of Nefarious Greatness
Knights Of Nefarious Greatness

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Member Stories & Blogs

  • Star's Havoc defends Bay!
    By: LeslieoftheStars

    A great Home Defence last night all! With only a few of us left on the maps, GoM decided to push hard. They took Bluevale Refuge camp and set up Ballistas, Arrow Carts, and a Treb inside to fire at our Bay's wall. We fortified Bay with our small numbers, left a few on siege and pushed into the camp. Each time we died, we respawned and pushed back in to them, with portal bombs and even thief invisibility. We fought for over 20 minutes and finally took the camp back, broke their toys, and repaired our wall...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jul. 01 @ 01:20 PM
    In Response to: Star's Havoc WvW

  • Trial run of Troll's Revenge
    By: Aoibheann

    Thanks for coming out to this impromptu event. Everyone came staggering in at different times, so we spent a while porting around to get all 4 keys, but I am glad that we were able to finish the achievement for so many this time around.

    I have this officially marked on the calendar for Thursday and then I will be taking a week off from achievement hunters.

    Aoibheann Sidhe

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jun. 30 @ 02:45 PM
    In Response to: Aoibheann's Achievement Hunters

  • 2nd BBQ was One Epic Fight
    By: Soren

    @ for 1 started out like it normally does but with a bit more tension in the air then normal. First run was a fail with the zerg not coming together and people not moving in to melee as needed. That said it wasn't a bad run. The final 2 burns were just to slow.

    So Kenage and I decided to take a different approach to the matter for round 2: we went back to basics. Like old skool, when Teq was firs revamped basics. Stack on the foot, get all of south hammering away with skills 3 and 4, north on skill 2...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jun. 30 @ 12:53 AM
    In Response to: Tequatl 2 for 1 BBQ

  • From SoR to GoM and Kaineng Great Monday Night Fights
    By: Terafer

    Great effort tonight and good comm's all around in fights on GoM Kaineng and SoR defense. Well will try next time to get some groups set a bit earlier in the event with a front line back line next time. Great showing from all classes. We may have gotten a bit disorganized in a fight or two, but we did a great deal of good work. If we are not directly capturing objectives we are helping to relieve pressure on EGB and SoR a bit from time to time. When a map zerg is defending it's Bay on it's map it is not somewhere else hitting our borders...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jun. 29 @ 09:04 PM
    In Response to: Hella Vanka's Daggers

  • Quiet but deadly
    By: Wonderland

    This was my first event as a GSCH guild member. (I don't count the SORC Guild Missions.)

    Very quiet group, but everyone was competent and we made it through in good time with a hiccup at only one boss.

    After the story mode was done, we stood around doing nothing for a few minutes. When I asked what next, a member stated that an explorable mode was to follow. I waited for a while, but no further direction was give, so I headed out to do some house cleaning (and this I suppose!) before daily reset :)

    Thanks for the event, Oldgoat! This is a convenient way to finish up all the story modes that I never bothered to do in the past.

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jun. 28 @ 03:06 PM
    In Response to: Honor of the Waves

  • My first Guild Missions with [GSCH]
    By: Kissa

    That was an awesome run. Hadn't ever done GM with that many people before. Different experience and so trouble free. :)
    Here is a couple photos : &

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Jun. 28 @ 12:32 AM
    In Response to: Open Community Guild Missions & Tequatl

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