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Friday, Apr. 28 at 7:00PM - 9:00PM PST

Pookha's Pookha's WvW Fight Group Reset Night - Ranger edition


This will be the ranger edition of our friday night reset. If you are able I am asking that you show up with a ranger/druid equipped with at least a longbow. This will be out last week with JQ and my goal is to give them a proper send-off in true Sanctum of Rangers style. Again let me be clear that all classes are welcome, but the more longbow rangers we have show up the funnier this will be :D. If you have a level two ranger. bring it, we are gonna have a good time. As for gear whatever you have is fine, but I recommend zerkers for maximum damage output. The goal is not necessarily so survive a fight, rather to make our opponent remember the fight. Here is a sample build of what I'll be running. If you don't have druid for this build I would take Beastmaster instead. Please show up about 15 min before 7pm PST so that we can get groups sorted and be ready to enter at reset.


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