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Saturday, Mar. 25 at 7:00AM - 8:00AM PST

Eluveittie's Callweddi Citizens Workshop


Callweddi Citizen workshop. Learn how to beat Dead Simon at his own games and get your Callweddi Citizen title, Wardrobe items, Lifter mount and a bunch of other cool stuff along the way. We will be discussing the old world chocolate rift and storm legion puzzles and their solutions. Puzzle piece finding and artifact hunting. Tips and tricks needed to saving up 9k plat for buying glue for making mosaics. We will also cover the hidden body of water locations and the shrines for the mosaics. As well as meeting up with some bogglings and deciphering their riddles. We will also go over the Puzzles in TOK proving grounds and how to earn your TOK box which will allow you to become self sufficient on your own progression through TOK. The class is ongoing and will vary in topic as the class needs and attendance evolve and change.


Level: 0   Gear Requirement: Any Any

This is a whole different side of Rift that goes beyond button smashing and requires patience and thought. If your looking for instant gratification or have a short attention span. This is not for you. You will be tried you will be tested. You will get mad and want to rage quit Rift at times. These achievements are designed to be a challenge and test your very moxie. But these are just the beginning of what awaits you in the TOK proving grounds in Starfall Prophecy




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