The Battle For Badlands

About the Battle for Badlands

The Battle for Badlands is a weekly community driven public oRvR event which is open to all players on the Badlands server. The objective of the series is to help introduce new players with the large scale oRvR combat they will experience in the later tiers while meeting new people, having fun, and evaluating potential guilds to join. Players from all servers have been known to make appearances as well as Mythic Developers. These weekly battles tend to ride well into the hundreds of players and we look to continue its growth in the coming seasons. Our final goal is to help bring players together as a community and unite our server to help make it a fun and welcoming environment for all.

The History of Battle for Badlands

The Battle for Badlands began originally on the Phoenix Throne server under the name of Open PuG Night. Open PuG Night quickly became a smash hit on Phoenix Throne as a way to introduce new players to the epic large scale open warfare that takes place in Tier 4. In the Winter of 2009 the Phoenix Server was closed and the show moved to the Badlands server and was renamed Battle for Badlands.

The Creators of Battle for Badlands

The Gaiscioch FamilyThe Battle for Badlands is hosted by the Gaiscioch (Gosh-Kia) Family. Gaiscioch is the Gaelic word for 'Divine Warriors' and is taken from the Irish book Lebor Gabala Erenn, the oldest text found on Irish soil. The Gaiscioch were the protectors of the Celt gods. In game we are a heavy oRvR, Low RP family. We have no requirements, commitments, or expectations of our members and welcome everyone of all skill levels. We simply ask that you keep your blades out, not in. We never attack another member of the family. We are about having fun and making friends above all else. For more information about the Gaiscioch Family please visit our website or contact a member of the family in game.

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The Battle For Badlands

Battle for Badlands is a Community Driven oRvR Event put on each week by Players and Fans of Warhammer Online. This event is in no way connected or endorsed by
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