Gaiscioch Community Notes Issue 12, 2017

Cead Mile Failte!

Happy Holidays everyone! As we approach Yuletide and holiday season things are about to get cold. This can mean one of two things. First it might bring more people back into the games we play, Second it might make people be gone on weekends as they go to the mountain for some snow sports.  Regardless it is typically one of our peak seasons of the year so we should see a bit of an uptick in numbers and participation.

I want to encourage you all to spend some time with your families this holiday season. Don't get sucked into gaming so far you lose sight on real life. I know this one first hand and it's not a good place to be. That said when I do see you in game I look forward to the adventures we'll share. This month should be a rather calm one.


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Gaiscioch Family News

Gaiscioch Magazine Issue 14 It's better late than never! Issue 14 is finally here after a few delays and challenges to overcome. We're running as a skeleton crew this issue as several of our team had to take leave of absence for real life events. But with 9 brave editors and writers we managed to finally bring this issue to life!

Issue 14 highlights Guild Wars 2's journey to the Crystal Desert with Path of Fire. We feature interviews with key developers, guides, a first look at Living World Season 4, fan fiction, fan art from Pink Alp Bananas, and a review. There's even a heartfelt look back on what makes Guild Wars 2 feel like home.

In addition to the massive amount of Guild Wars 2 related content, we highlight 10 games we think deserve a remastered edition, provide readers with a guide to getting started in Citadel: Forged with Fire, and an interview with the team behind Gwent Thronebreaker. We also feature a guide to bounty hunting in Rift and a couch potatoes review of Elder Scrolls Online.

Deeper within the issue you can read our previews of Ashes of Creation, Immortal Unchained, Biomutant, and Little Witch Academia. In the review section we feature Maize, Mass Effect Andromeda, ELEX, The Solus Project and Fortnite.

Read issue 14 at:

Extra Life Wrapup

And that's a Wrap! Our 7th year of participating in the Extra Life Charity Event brought in $3,850 for the Children's Miracle Network. This year was the first time we used the Gaiscioch Public Community Events Engine and while it did it's job well, I see several areas where we can improve for next years.

One of the biggest improvements I plan to make by June when we launch our 2018 campaign will be, adding a Raffle Ticket system like our other PCE sites for game specific loot. So that people who want to win special items can and people who don't wont. This year many of our viewers ended up winning loot that they won't use because they don't play the game.  We want to make sure that we offer a choice of entering the raffle for special prizes.

With the lack of interest in the complimentary ads and no time to promote it, I will be leaving that part out of next years raffle and simply place the companies who have supported our efforts in prize donations to be displayed in our Caring Hearts directory. Lastly next year we're looking at a wealth of new games to show so we will likely go back to our shorter format of 2 hour play sessions (1.5 hours of playing, 30 minutes of raffle) spread across 3 days (2 play sessions on Friday, 5 on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.) I will be working on refilling the loot vault over the next 12 months for next years event. If you'd like to donate any games you got in a bundle feel free to use the link below. If a person claims them you will earn contribution points for it.

Be sure to check your prizes at:

Donate Unused Game Keys at:

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October 2017 Patreons:

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Gaiscioch Family Promotions:

I wanted to take a moment to say congratulations to a few members this month for accepting their next credo and stepping into a new role in our family.

Guardians (Seaimpín)

The Gaiscioch Family Guardians are an advanced part of the Veteran Members group and serve as the front line of our family. They help newer members learn about the family, our website, and our belief system. They occasionally will need to help get conversations back on track, or report misdoing's to the family elders. They act as advisors, guidance providers, and overall protectors of the family name. By this time a member should be involved in the family for more than 6 months and has been an active attendee in family events. For those who prefer fellowship over leadership this is the last stop on the family tree. Members must prove their leadership ability to progress to the Leadership ranks through the accumulation of both Valor Points (Earned through leading events.) as well as earning Tokens of Valor from lower ranked members of the family.

  » Louhi   » Talania   » Zoewii

Veteran Members (Curadh)

Veteran Members have proven their devotion to the family by participating in events and contributing to the family's success. They have been active more than 90 days and have continued to be contributing members to the family.

  » Bensilis   » Knox   » Knox   » Morghan   » Scrappi   » Sindarin

Official Members (Lorgaire)

Official Members have earned the rank of Lorgaire and have accepted the Mark of the Kindred credo. They have officially decided to become members of the family and start their journey to ascend the roles of the Gaiscioch Family.

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Gaiscioch By The Numbers

Group Active
Guild Wars 2 341
RIFT 169
Elder Scrolls Online 170
Social Adventures 133
Total 595
Group Total
Subscribers 5,195
Readers 29,612
Views 628,271
Media Total
Twitch 735
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Chapter 4:
Guild Wars 2 News

In December I will be juggling my events a bit more to try to find an optimal time to get us back on the WvW battlefield and while Friday's were nice for the nice split between WvW and EOTM now that reset is right at our event kickoff, we're finding we don't get to see WvW at all on Fridays. To get us back on the battlefield I will be moving WvW to Monday Nights at 6PM PT. I'm looking forward to getting back on the battlefield and contributing to the war efforts.

Great Tyrian Adventure Season 4

We're just over the midway point and have begun our conquest across the Crystal Desert. Be sure to join us for the Great Tyrian Adventure Thursdays at 5PM PT and visit for details.

Special thanks to Soren for helping me command these shenanigans, Kitty for being our lovely announcer, Gma & Briseadh for being group management support, and the countless Gaiscioch who ponied up time, materials, and effort to make  this a success. Our community truly shines during events like these.

Living Story Season 4 Has Begun!

The next chapter in the Living Story has arrived and it is called "Daybreak". This adventure continues from where the storyline of Path of Fire ends. Everyone can get this chapter in the story for free by logging into Guild Wars 2 but you will need Path of Fire to play it. Some of the new features that came with Daybreak include:

  • New Fractal - Twilight Oasis
  • New Raid - The Hall of Chains
  • Legendary Focus
  • New Zone: Domain of Istan

Learn More at:

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Guild Wars 2 family.

  » Brynnen [Synabie.2084]   » Criamon [kharaf.6748]   » Hctor [Hector Escobar.7680 ]   » IvoSigil []   » JacobtheGentlemanPotato [Meat Popsicle.6892]   » MICA [FROSTS BITE.6790]   » NerdExtraordinaire [Nerd Extraordinaire.5764]   » Persephonefury [Athena.1098]   » Remyria [Remyria.8627]   » Shankar [Sonjay.3876]   » Tommyboy509 [Major Tom.3257]   » Zamori []

Guild Wars 2 Events at a Glance

All Times Pacific








Top Guild Wars 2 News For November, 2017

  1. Guild Wars 2 Responds to the Mount Adoption License Uproar
  2. A Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Giveaway for Fanzine ‘Chimes’
  3. Guild Wars 2 Premieres a Trailer for Season 4 Episode 1
  4. The Tyrian Chronicle: Will We Ever Fly in Guild Wars 2?
  5. Guild Wars 2 - 'Mount Adoption Licenses' Now for Sale for Gems, Community Ignites at RNG Nature
  6. Guild Wars 2 - Imperfect Balance
  7. The Tyrian Chronicle: The Guild Wars 2 Mount Skin Controversy
  8. MMO Co-Opportunities Volume LXXXII: Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Spotlight
  9. Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire Deluxe Edition Giveaway (NA Only)
  10. Guild Wars 2 Announces Living World Season 4 Release Date

Legacy Chapter 5:
Elder Scrolls Online News

The Siege War's New Time

SirHenryVale and Foghladha have switched their events allowing Foghladha to move his Rift event to Saturday mornings. The new AvA time will be 2-4PM PT. Please feel free to come out and have some mixed PvE and PvP fun on the Sotha Sil campaign.

Please Welcome Our Newest Members

Please welcome our newest members to our Elder Scrolls Online family.

  » Epikus [@Aramendil]   » Guilaster [@Guilaster]   » Myrgan [@myrgan]

Elder Scrolls Online Events at a Glance

All Times Pacific








Top Elder Scrolls Online News For November, 2017

  1. Elder Scrolls Online - The Conundrum of Balance Part Deux
  2. Elder Scrolls Online - #10MillionStories Sweepstakes Begins, Yields BIG Prizes + XBox One Free Weekend
  3. Elder Scrolls Online - Revel in The Clockwork
  4. Elder Scrolls Online - Clockwork City DLC Arrives for Consoles
  5. Elder Scrolls Online: Clockwork DLC and Xbox One X Update Out Today
  6. Clockwork City Opens for The Elder Scrolls Online Console Players
  7. Elder Scrolls Online - Celebrate the Second Anniversary of the Orsinium DLC Through Nov 27
  8. Elder Scrolls Online - Celebrating #10MillionStories in a New Trailer & a Free PS4/PC/Mac Week

Legacy Chapter 3:

Foghladha's Rift Adventures moves to Saturday

In an effort to try to boost participation we have moved Foghladha's Rift Adventures to Saturday Mornings at 11AM PT. Over the course of the past few months Foghladha has managed to acquire a series of zone invasion lures  that have valuable rewards and achievements tied to them. I plan to make this event rotate between low level crusades against invasions to high level hunts in the Celestial Lands. Please feel free to share your ideas on content you'd like to see and if we can swing it we'll be happy to add it to the list.

The Status of Rift

With our raiding core moved to other guilds we find ourselves in a very uncomfortable place. Players have begun drifting to other games and RIFT's past 3 patches haven't helped. We do have a small collective core of players that continue to play and we will continue to support them. I am hoping by moving our events to Saturday we can gain a bit more exposure and hopefully begin building up our numbers again. We need to make sure that all event leaders make sure to invite the public to join us on our endeavours.

I want to be clear that I have no intention of ever closing this chapter again. However I can't stop people from leaving the game or in game guild which might make for rough times ahead if we don't recruit some new faces. I want to ensure that you all have people to play with but the population is thinning in game and it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find available players. In the background I am working with Trion to address some issues that I see hurting the Rift community overall and with a little luck they might be able to make some changes to bring life back to the game community.

I want to ask for a bit of patience and perseverance. If you need to take time away feel free, if you want to join another guild for a while I understand and you will still be considered part of the family. I don't see anything coming soon that's going to help those who don't raid enjoy the game more. We're just going to have to wait. Patches seem to be hitting every 3 months. With a little luck sometime in February we might see some new content for casual / social players. If not were looking May 2018.

I will still be giving away goodies during my new saturday events so feel free to come out and win some loot.

RIFT Events at a Glance

All Times Pacific



Top RIFT News For November, 2017

  1. RIFTstream Autumn Harvest is Here
  2. Rift Update 4.3 Hotfix #4
  3. RIFTstream Oct. 27 Recap – Crucia’s Claw is Here!
  4. RIFTstream Nov. 3 Recap – Autumn Harvest is Here
  5. Bonus Weekend & Supply Crate Sale Nov. 10 – 12
  6. Shiny Shenanigans: November 15 – 21
  7. New Harvest Levitation Supply Crate Now Available
  8. RIFTstream Fall for Shiny Shenanigans
  9. RIFTstream Nov. 17 Recap – Fall for Shiny Shenanigans
  10. Giddy Up for Black Friday Savings

Social Adventures News

New Adventures Join The Lineup

This month we added a few more official adventures to the lineup. They are all currently in their trial phase and if there is enough interest they will continue long term. If not they'll go dormant and rest until someone wakes them up. Here are the newest games in our lineup:

We will continue to monitor which games our community is playing and try to include as many as we can in the lineup. Don't be afraid to claim "Open Adventures" as that allows me to see what you're playing together.




View Full Social Adventure Directory

Gaiscioch Magazine News

Gaiscioch Magazine Meeting

On December 2nd at 4PM PT we'll be holding our Gaiscioch Magazine Team meeting. If you would like to get involved in the magazine be sure to join us there. We'd love to have you on board for the meeting. We are desperately seeking writers and a person who loves page layouts and has access to Adobe InDesign. Even if you just want to come to the meeting to offer up some ideas please feel free to come. All are welcome. We will be meeting in Discord and it will be open to the public.

Shifting Focus To Online First

As we've been publishing for 3 years now we've always published the magazine then pushed the articles onto the site after the magazine has shipped. This has been a bit problematic as some stories need to be on the site in a timely manner.

We have decided that our Digital Magazine Issues will come after the content has been published from now on and we will be using the Digital Magazine to highlight the top performing articles. It will be created as a keepsake or showcase of the best articles Gaiscioch Magazine has produced.  Each quarter we will still be focusing on an overall theme that will be turned into a cover and you'll still be able to browse the issue before it's even created in magazine form. This will ensure that articles don't get delayed by the production process and can be released while they're hot.

So be sure to visit frequently to see the latest articles as we will be aiming and releasing 1 to 2 articles a week. I will be updating the Gaiscioch and Gaiscioch Magazine sites a bit more to better convey the change in focus.

Gaiscioch Magazine:

Be sure to check out our latest stories and gaming news at:

Gaiscioch Livestream News

Weekdays at 3PM PT
PlayStation Adventures

Our December lineup includes RAID: World War II, Neverwinter, Orcs Must Die Unchained, Shadows of War, and Fortnite. We have several surprise games on the horizon we will likely air on Tuesdays as they become available. On the off weeks we plan to show various parts of Neverwinter. We will continue monitoring viewership and see which game pulls the best for us and continue streaming it. You can also vote for the game you'd like to see at:

Saturdays at 11AM PT
Adventuring in Rift

Join us Saturdays at 11AM PT for your chance to win Rift loot. We will be venturing to the far regions of Rift, exploring various activities all the while being our crazy selves. Join us in game or on Twitch!

Thursday at 5PM PT
Great Tyrian Adventure

Join us throughout November for the Great Tyrian Adventure in Guild Wars 2. Each week we will be taking on a different objective and raffling off some pretty cool prizes.  Be sure to check it out. Learn more at:

Mondays at 6PM PT
The Siege War of Tyria (Guild Wars 2)

Each week we split our battle between WvW  as we take to the field an hour before reset and then change battlefields half way through the event. We show some of the best siege warfare in the game from both battlefields.

Saturday at 2PM PT
The Siege War of Tamriel (Elder Scrolls Online)

We are continuing our adventures in Sotha Sil. We've had several new members to the community join us and we will be focusing on teaching people about AvA. We will also do a fair amount of PvE exploration and delve killing.

December Episode Linup:

Gaiscioch Athletics

Gaiscioch Wins 4th Competitive League Championship

This past month we managed to pull off a championship win against all odds. Our season was riddled with problems and injuries that ended up cutting our numbers in half by playoffs. Even still we banded together and won our second championship in 2017, and our 4th competitive league championship in history.

Gaiscioch Co-Ed Flag Football Returns

We finally found a core of players for our Co-Ed teams resurrection and so far it's looking really good. Our first game was against a team that had beat us in the past on our other coed team. We crushed them 38 to 6. This is looking like it might be our best Co-Ed team to date. Keep those fingers crossed and hopefully we can win our first Co-Ed championship.

Follow along at:

Closing Notes

As we close 2017 and look to 2018 there is a whole lot of new titles coming on the horizon. 2018 is likely to be filled with Ashes of Creation testing, Bless Online, Chronicles of Elyria, Camelot Unchained, Crowfall, and more. I suspect we're going to see a rise in social adventure activities and hopefully be able to find Chapter 6 in the mix. Regardless you can count on us to bring you the latest news and information about the games you know and love. We'll be rocking it in 2018 and I'm really looking forward to the growth potential that we may experience along the way.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Taoiseach de na Griobhta Glas