Meitheamh (June) 2013 Edition

Cead Mile Failte!

Boy time flies. Seems like just a few weeks ago I sent out the last June newsletter with a little Happy Birthday to my magnificent lady on the footer. I must say that she has been a great strength and motivator for the things you have seen Gaiscioch accomplish in the past 7 years. She pulled me from the ashes, placed my dream back in my hands and encouraged me to follow it no matter where it takes me. Today we've grown to several thousand members across the globe, I've built lasting friendships with people I would have never encountered, have a Gaiscioch Bowling and Football team, and have a closer connection to developers than I had ever imagined. She has been my rock through the years and for that I send her a very Happy Birthday. I can only hope to return the favor as she's changed her career focus from what she's good at to what she loves doing. Juliana, you are amazing, and nothing I've accomplished could have been done without you. Thank You!

Gaiscioch Family News

Crisis Hit Home
Oklahoma Residents Please Check In

When crisis hits home, hearts hit the floor. In a community as large as ours there is always a chance that one of our members may have been caught in the crossfire. We have several members who were local to Moore, OK that we have not heard from yet. Our prayers go out to them, their neighbors, and their families. If you need anything please let me know and we will see what we can do. Please do take a moment to reach out and let us know you are ok.

If you are local to the area hit please check in at:

Coming Soon!
Taking Gaiscioch Charity Involvement To The Next Level

So over the past year I've been playing with the idea of building a requisition system of real world teddy bears for charities around the world. Much like our marketplace this new system will allow you to order a stuffed animal for a child in need from one of our supported charities.

Upon completing the order you will place your "Order Number" into the Donation Requisition Form and be awarded 500 contribution points per stuffed animal delivered through the system. I will be setting up registries that will automatically deliver the animals to the charities involved.

This system will run year round with our annual "Double-Up" in May/June. It's my hope that we can fill the warehouses of these charities with plushies and give these children in need a friend in their darkest hour. This will allow everyone to also get a quick boost of contribution points / family vault tokens by helping out these little ones.

Our first two charities in rotation are Project Night Night and Candlelighters for Children With Cancer. You can visit our new Charity System on the right side of the Gaiscioch main navigation. Just look for the teddy bear. I also will be looking for a Kohl's Alternative for overseas donations.

Don't Panic, Stay Calm, Don't Touch The Red Button
Upcoming Changes Within Our Community

Our family is going through some major house cleaning and reorganization this month. I wanted to take a moment to make sure everyone is on the up and up on what's going on, who's going where, what's changing, and who to talk to if things go sideways. So lets cover this month's changes first.

June 1st: Guild Wars 2 Reorg

On June 1st we will be removing everyone from the 3 main rooms and inviting all 980+ of you back into two rooms of the Gaiscioch house. We are dropping one of our main rooms to try to get everyone together in two, using our new system to track active members. In addition, we've rebuilt the invite manager to allow members to choose which room they wish to be in, and keep track of which room people are in. This should make both funny i and morrigan a lot more lively and make it even easier for families and groups of friends to stay together. Anu and Rall will not be affected by this update.

Read More At:

June 1st: RIFT Goes Full Saighdear

On June 1st we will be decommissioning the RIFT marketplace, leadership and fellowship system. With the loss of Leonar and Belonia who are actively working on closing on a house and tied up with real life, we are left with insufficient leadership in the house. At the moment the RIFT branch is managed by Selrina, Seacoral, Pops, Naay and myself. However there is nobody "In Charge" full time there. By making it a full saighdear we are able to break the ranking structure and bring people up to help manage the Saighdear room without the Gaiscioch ranking system weighing down progress. We will actively be considering people who possess the ability and desire to lead and represent the Gaiscioch Way.

Read More At:

June 1st, 2013
Gaiscioch Family Summit & 101

This month's Gaiscioch Family Summit and Gaiscioch 101 Class will be held on Saturday June 1st, 2013. For this month's Gaiscioch 101 Class we will be giving a livestream overview of the Leadership System. We will start the broadcasted tutorial on at 12:00pm PDT.

Join us later Saturday night at 5PM PDT for the Gaiscioch Family Summit as we cover the latest news and updates in our family and open the floor for questions and answers.

Chapter 4: Guild Wars 2 News

Chapter 4: Guild Wars 2

May 28th 2013 Update:
The Last Stand at Southsun

The latest patch in Guild Wars 2 arrived this week and with it came some pretty nice features.

Feature Highlights:

  • New Improved World XP - We’re improving the way we award World XP to World vs. World players! Now you’ll gain rewards for a much wider range of activities in the Mists – everything from destroying siege weapons, repairing walls, escort missions, and more.
  • Greater Variety and More Rewards in WvW - We're adding new WvW daily achievements to the list you can choose from so you can earn World XP for playing the way you want. And every time you gain a new World rank, you'll earn a bonus chest packed with useful WvW loot!
  • Dangerous New WvW Abilities - Become even deadlier in The Mists with new World vs. World abilities like Burning Oil Mastery or new ranks in Defense Against Guards!
  • Introducing Infusions and Ascended Gear in WvW - Now you can purchase Ascended rings and amulets and upgrade your WvW abilities with six new Infusions that give your character special WvW bonuses! Just speak to the new Laurel and Badge Merchants on each map.
  • WvW Matchup Changes! - World vs. World matches are about to get an injection of variety! With these changes you can look forward to facing new opponents in new matchups and testing your world's skill against more foes!
  • Update: Custom PvP Arenas and Spectator Mode Beta - We've had some great feedback from beta players that have enabled us to fix bugs and further improve these new features. We're adding Custom Arena Time Tokens to the Gem Store so beta players can extend the time of their favorite custom arenas!
  • New Southsun Cove Rewards - Find your very own limited-edition Mini Reef Rider – a loyal floating friend available only until June 11! Dedicated defenders of the Southsun settlers can also earn the Settler's Amulet, Keepsake, and Ring! Earn these rare new rewards from creatures and chests in Southsun Cove, and by playing Crab Toss!

More Information Available at:

Guild Wars 2 Family Events
Get Your Social On!

Face it, you don't play a massively multiplayer game to play alone. Join us in one of our many socially friendly weekly events to get to know the players within the Gaiscioch and Tuatha, as well as get to know some of the Sanctum of Rall community. We have several events going on every day, and have a slew of different types of activities to enjoy.


  • 12:00PM: ClubGaiscioch in WvW
  • 10:00AM Jexia's Homeland Defense in WvW


  • 4:00PM: Gaiscíoch Guild Missions + Main Room Treks


  • 6:00PM: Great Tyrian Adventure


  • 4:00PM: Rall Guild Missions
  • 5:30PM: Quest for Map Completion


  • 4:00PM: Gaiscíoch na Morrigan Guild Missions
  • 6:00PM: Epic Creature Hunt/Trinity Night


  • 4:00PM: Anu Guild Missions


  • 12:00PM: ClubGaiscioch in WvW
  • 1:30PM: Guild Missions Makeup Event
  • 6:00PM: Breaking the Ice in WvW

Trinity Nights

Now that things have settled down with the whole push for Tier 1, we will be returning to host our Trinity Nights on the First, Second, and Third Thursdays of the month. On the fourth Thursday we will be doing our Epic Creature Hunt.

New Leadership Events

In addition, be sure to join one of our new and upcoming leaders as they try their hand at leadership on Friday nights at 6PM Server. Show your support and attend these events to assist our upcoming event leaders in growing comfortable in the driver’s seat. If you would like to join this program and try your hand at leadership, please contact Prissy for more information.

Chapter 5 Watch

What's New With Elder Scrolls Online?

Interest continues to grow, and developments and announcements continue to reaffirm that ESO might be that home we're searching for, for chapter 5. We have started to collect a head count for who plans to join ESO at launch. For those of you that have filled in your Real Name into the website (even if hidden by the hide private data checkbox) I will be submitting this list periodically to ZeniMax for inclusion in the closed beta program. Be sure to log into and mark that you plan to play on your command center by clicking "Join" next to Elder Scrolls Online.

For it to be considered a full branch we will need at least 500 players at launch to justify devoting our resources toward it. If this title meets our requirements and the interest is there, we have the potential to be bigger and stronger than ever before. With the one-shard concept our exposure will be far greater than we've ever seen in the past. This could lead to a huge influx in people joining our family which means more people to play with as well as more opportunities for advancement within the family.

Elder Scrolls Online News:

Join the Gaiscioch Saighdear / Chapter Potential List and learn more about Elder Scrolls Online visit:

Saighdear News

June 12th 2013:
RIFT Goes Free-to-Play

No trials. No tricks. No traps. Our free-to-play model is built on a simple idea: everyone can download, log in, and play all of RIFT, free. Starting June 12, new players will have access to all game content – from dungeons and Warfronts to the latest raids – with no level restrictions.

If you would like to try it out there's no better time than June 12th. We still have a few hundred people actively playing RIFT together. Be sure to join the Saighdear. For a Guild Invite be sure to type /join Tuatha and ask for an invite.

Learn more at:

Unexpected Growth

What began with 19 of us wanting to "give it a try" has grown to over 150 people. Things are growing over there and there are lots of things to do. We even have a few of us building foundry missions.

Foundry Spotlight
The Four Relics of Eire

What better to use the foundry for than to teach people a little about Celtic Mythology. In the four relics of Eire, you assist the Tuatha Dé Danann in the recovery of the Four Relics that have the power to shape the world. Play through the first 2 acts now. Be sure to explore the north east corner of act 1 for a easter egg cameo by one of our favorite Gaiscioch.

Submit your foundry for the foundry spotlight here:

In Closing

The summer is on our doorstep and many adventures lie in wait for us. I hope you all take some time this summer to be with your families and share some real world adventures with your friends. The summer months usually pull people out of game and into the sunshine filled events and barbecues. For those that we do see in game we plan to have some fun events going on daily for all to enjoy. By the time the summer ends we should have some more information about the developments in the gaming industry and have more insight as to the direction things are going. In the meantime, go out and have some fun whether it's in a new gaming world, an old classic world, or the real world.

Slan Go Foill!
(Goodbye For Now)

Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley
Ceannard De Gaiscioch Treubh