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This Rank 40 Knight of the Blazing Sun joined the Tuatha on December 02, 2009 as a member of Gaiscioch. Donulliam is a Draoi de na Aracos of the Tuatha. They were last seen on December 10, 2010. Donulliam is played by Donaliam.

Character Sheet:

Class Character Level Tradeskill 1 Tradeskill 2 Tradeskill 3
 Knight of the Blazing Sun  Donulliam
Draoi de na Aracos
 40   Apothecary   Cultivation    

Recent News:

Dec. 01, 2010

Donulliam of The Gaiscioch Family Has Earned Renown Rank 70

Congratulations to Donulliam of The Gaiscioch Family for achieving renown rank 70. Donulliam is played by .

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