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Leveling up

One of the fun parts of our Adventure system is gaining levels in the various games we play. In addition the Adventure itself levels up gaining access to new features.

Player Adventure Leveling

Each player will gain Adventure EXP for each game they participate in. As they gain experience they will begin leveling up gaining new titles in each game they play. There are a total of 50 levels per game. The more you participate the higher your level will grow.

Player Community Leveling

As players participate in events they will begin earning social points toward their next rank and role within the community. Players who play Adventures exclusively can reach the role of Veteran Member before needing to participate in a Chapter to progress further. You can learn more about the Ranks, Roles and Titles in our Member Information section of the website.

Adventure Leveling

As players earn Experience, the Adventure itself begins to gain levels. As it levels up, new features become available as long as it maintains the minimum number of active members. If the active member count drops below the threshold, the features will be disabled.

Adventure Progression
Rank Minimum Active Members Feature
1 5 Adventure Page
5 10 Discord Channel & Role
10 25 Discussion Forum
15 50 Trading Post (Coming Soon)
20 150 Marketplace*

* The Marketplace requires games to follow the traditional crafting format of combining a set number of items to create a predictable outcome. Games that feature RNG crafting or unpredictable results will not be supported in the Marketplace.

AvA with Gaiscioch
The Elder Scrolls Online     13
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